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Passavant couple writes and publishes book about their love for Jesus and each other

Published: Thursday, February 12, 2015

Beverly Snyder recently brought her late husband’s lifelong work alive with the publishing of This Is My Beloved Son: Jesus, the Man. It is a story about how the couple’s love for each other, and their love for Jesus, made their lives more abundant.

Reverend Doyle Snyder, a graduate of Western Theological and Pittsburgh Theological Seminaries, had been ordained to the Presbyterian ministry in the Mt. Pleasant, PA church in 1957. He served in three other churches in western Pennsylvania and was interim pastor to seven churches in Pittsburgh and two in Cincinnati.

Following his retirement in 2009, Reverend and Mrs. Snyder moved into their cottage on the Passavant campus and became involved in community life. Doyle was a test pilot for SilverSmartTM Technology devices and Beverly joined the Passavant Singers, in addition to other activities. Given Doyle Snyder’s kind and gentle nature and Beverly’s joyful spirit, it didn’t take long for them to make many friends and feel at home.

Reverend Snyder also continued studying the Bible and working on his book, a lifelong endeavor, about Jesus as a man, as well as the son of God. Sadly, Doyle passed in February 2014, and Beverly was inspired to publish his manuscript.

“His writings were on a computer disk,” she said, “and they had been printed, but work was needed before it could be published as a book.”

With the help and support of Passavant resident John Sloat, Beverly set about accomplishing the task. Reverend Sloat felt that Doyle’s work was important and would help people relate to the human side of Jesus and His relevance to their daily lives.

“John did the computer work, formatted the book, worked with the published and wrote the description on the back page,” Beverly said. “I identified the scriptures used in the book, working out of three Bibles at one time, the New International Version®, Revised Standard Version and the New Revised Standard Version, to get the right translation.”

Aside from proofreading the manuscript many times, Beverly also chose the title and was the creative director for the artwork on the cover.

“I knew what I wanted,” she said. “I described the scene from Matthew 3:16-17 to Passavant resident and artist Wally (Waltraud) Hendel and she created the picture of Jesus exactly as I had envisioned it.”

They all worked diligently, and the book was published in less than eight months, just in time so that Beverly could give it to family and friends at Christmas, which was her goal. She also had several book signings at Passavant.

In additional to its biblical insights, Reverend and Mrs. Snyder’s book is a tribute to a life made abundant by their love for Jesus and their love for each other, signified by 60 years of marriage and a beautiful family of four daughters, 11 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, with a great-grandson on the way.

“I love reading it,” Beverly said, her eyes shining. “Just holding it in my hands brings Doyle back. When I read his book, I can hear his voice. He had a beautiful voice.”

Reverend Snyder did not know of her plans to publish his work, so Beverly was asked what she thought he might think of it.

“Well, Doyle was a humble and shy person. I think he would be surprised; he would be surprised by joy that we were able to do this,” she chuckled.

This Is My Beloved Son: Jesus, the Man is available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon as a paperback and in an electronic version. The book is also available in the Library and in the Gift Shop at the Abundant Life Center on the Passavant Campus.

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