Butler Health Care Consortium Pays Tribute to VNA and LIFE Butler County Health Care Professionals, Staff & Volunteers

The Butler County Health Care Consortium recently honored selected health care workers and volunteers of the VNA of Western Pennsylvania and LIFE Butler County during the Consortium’s Health Care Workers of the Year annual event at The Atrium in Prospect.

Lutheran SeniorLife CEO and President, David Fenoglietto, delivered the keynote address, expressing gratitude for the invaluable work of the healthcare workers while highlighting the profound impact these individuals have on the lives of others.

“You don’t have to have a title to be a leader,” said Fenoglietto. “In healthcare, you have the opportunity to make a difference in a person’s life every day.”

The honorees were nominated by their peers and supervisors for their remarkable service and commitment to the Butler County community.

VNA and LIFE Butler County Honorees include:

Lillian and David Griffith, VNA Volunteers

Lillian and Dave are a dynamic wife/husband hospice volunteer duo. They are both caring, giving, kind, thoughtful and pleasant—all of which are special qualities in a volunteer.  Lillian and Dave have a great understanding of the special needs of the hospice patients and families and go out of their way to meet these needs. Lil and Dave also volunteer for many hospice events and office tasks, exemplifying the true spirit of a volunteer.  VNA Hospice is blessed to have them!

Cristen Krebs, Nurse Practitioner for VNA Hospice

Cristen is a VNA Hospice Nurse Practitioner with more than 30 years of hospice experience. She excels in navigating difficult conversations with patients and their families, guiding them through end-of-life decisions with empathy and understanding. Cristen collaborates with patients and families to establish goals that enhance their quality of life during their remaining time. As a valued resource and educator for staff, her serene and reassuring presence brings comfort to challenging moments, making them more manageable for all involved.

Lori Scott, Administrative Coordinator for VNA

Lori serves as the Administrative Coordinator, at Lutheran SeniorLife VNA. Often described as a “Jack of All Trades,” Lori thrives on challenges and approaches them with enthusiasm, taking problems head-on until they’re resolved. She ensures that the in-home care staff at VNA have all the essential equipment needed for independent fieldwork. Patient, kind, and empathetic, Lori diligently works to ensure everyone’s day proceeds seamlessly. Her willingness to assist with any issue makes her a dependable resource.

Megan Wilson, RN, VNA

Megan exemplifies dedication and compassion in her role as a nurse. Her kindness and caring nature shine through as she attends to her patients’ needs. Megan actively listens to ensure each individual’s safety at home and diligently works to fulfill those requirements. A fantastic team player, she readily assists her coworkers whenever necessary. Megan’s patients hold her in high regard, appreciating her warm demeanor and attentive care. She brings a refreshing energy to the team at Lutheran SeniorLife VNA, serving as a valuable asset to the organization.

Jeff Arienzo, Transportation Team, LIFE Butler County

Leading by example, Jeff serves as an outstanding ambassador for LIFE Butler County, demonstrating dedication and compassion in his role. Jeff prioritizes the safety of all LIFE Butler County participants during their transportation while going above and beyond his job title. Jeff always assist participants with wheelchairs, walkers, and rollators. LIFE Butler and its participants are blessed to have him.

Taylor Campbell, Registered Dietitian, LIFE Butler County

Taylor maintains high standards for Meal Services and Nutritional Care for participants of LIFE Butler County. She efficiently coordinates the production and distribution of thousands of meals each month. Taylor’s dedication and compassion shine through as she advocates for the Lutheran SeniorLife mission, aiming to bring an Abundant Life to all program participants.

Desiree Cronkhite, Recreational Therapist,  LIFE Butler County

Desiree works with the LIFE Butler County participants to ensure they can live their lives to the fullest. With expertise in person-centered care, she attentively listens to their needs and assists in tailoring recreational programming to ensure that each individual can experience an Abundant life.

Luella Crowe, LPN, Community Care Coordinator, LIFE Butler County

Luella does an exceptional job in helping LIFE Butler County participants live self-sufficiently in their apartments at Under Our Wing.  She closely with the staff to provide individualized, person-centered care.  Her dedication fosters a warm, respectful, and compassionate atmosphere for participants, while also cultivating a positive work environment for colleagues. A tireless advocate, Luella consistently champions those in her care, leaving a meaningful impact through her unwavering positivity and compassionate approach, day in and day out.

Toni DeHart, Nursing Team Manager, LIFE Butler County

Toni holds the role of Nursing Team Manager, demonstrating exceptional support for her staff while actively engaging in their training and retention efforts. Ready to step in for home care staff when necessary, she consistently goes above and beyond for both participants and colleagues. Collaborating extensively with the interdisciplinary team, Toni prioritizes the safety and independence of every participant, striving to maintain their home-based care for as long as possible. Her contributions make her an invaluable asset to LIFE Butler County.

Tiffany Hilliard, CNA, LIFE Butler County

Tiffany advocates for person-centered care and individual independence of participants. She consistently exceeds expectations to ensure that participants’ desires and requirements are fulfilled and serves as a catalyst for positive transformation. She is always striving tirelessly to guarantee that each participant experiences a life abundant with opportunities and fulfillment. Additionally, she extends compassionate care and unwavering support to individuals and their families during end-of-life care, embodying empathy and understanding in every interaction.

“Every single one of them here today deserves the recognition for the care that they give to their organizations and the people in need,” expressed Jan Rodgers, co-chair of the Butler County Health Care Consortium.

Health care workers often possess problem-solving skills, compassion and empathy along with their medical training according Fenoglietto.

“The people we serve need you,” remarked Fenoglietto. “I find comfort in knowing they are in good hands with all of you.”