Summer Skin Protection Tips for Seniors

Published: June 01, 2016

By: Raquel Oldaker, director of Clinic and Home Care Services, LIFE Lawrence County

Sunlight is actually good for your skin with studies showing that UV-B rays help convert cholesterol in skin into vitamin D, an important vitamin your body needs to help function properly.

Too much sun, on the other hand, can lead to sunburn and skin damage that may leave many feeling uncomfortable, sore and achy.

Following are some tips to stay safe in the hot summer heat:

  • Wear clothing that reflects sunlight such as bright colors and cover skin areas when possible. Wear a hat to protect delicate skin areas of the face.
  • When outdoors, try to stay in shady areas, out of direct sunlight.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend outdoors, especially on hot days. The sun’s rays are the strongest between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., and these hours generally tend to be the hottest.
  • When you do need to be out and about, or do any physical activity in the sun, use natural sunscreen products with natural ingredients that are good for your skin. There are sunscreens and skin protection products with natural ingredients including shea butter, coconut and sunflower oil as well as green tea extract to name a few. Such ingredients help the skin retain natural moisture and antioxidants to stay healthy in the sun and help fight against harmful rays.
  • Look into different foods, vitamins and minerals that help give your skin the nutrients needed to stay healthy. Nourishment for your skin helps to build a natural shield against the sun. Dark chocolate from real cocoa, green and black teas as well as leafy green veggies are a few food that provide antioxidants which help your skin reduce chances of experiencing sunburn.
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