SilverSmart Technology Can Help Seniors Live More Independently

"I don't mind getting older, it's the falling apart I can do without!" - Passavant Community resident

Published: November 14, 2017

It’s not unusual for seniors to feel like they are falling apart. The aging process brings with it changes that can make everyday activities, hobbies and favorite pastimes feel like a burden. There is some good news…assistive technology can help and November is National Assistive Technology Month.

What is assistive technology?

By definition, assistive technology is “any item, piece of equipment, product or software program that provides someone with disabilities or physical limitations the ability to live independently, maintain functions or improve motor functions.”

SilverSmartTM narrows that focus to assistive technology solutions for seniors that facilitate living in place and experiencing an Abundant Life®. Living in place includes remaining safe, healthy, engaged in meaningful activity and connected to the people and things most important.

While the term sounds like all solutions are technological feats, some of the solutions or devices can be quite simple and easy to use.

The SilverSmartTM Center, located on the Passavant Community campus, showcases a variety of technology solutions for everyday living. The items on display have been selected to address a variety of needs and take into consideration various comfort levels with technology.

The technology associate will work with you to identify specific areas of need and recommend the appropriate solution. You will have an opportunity to trial and interact with the device in order to make an informed decision prior to purchase. No items are sold in the SilverSmartTM center, however, information on purchasing will be provided to you.

A few examples of the devices on display are:

  • Amplifiers for telephones or TV
  • Magnifiers to help with reading
  • Clocks and reminders with large buttons and large font
  • Eating utensils to increase independence
  • Kitchen fire prevention systems

…and so many more!

The goal of the program is to work with seniors or their caregivers to introduce assistive technology to help you live in place and experience an Abundant Life®.

If you are interested in learning more about assistive technology for seniors, please contact Sharon Whalen, technology associate, at (724) 452-3619 or

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