The Good LIFE – April 2024

LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly), supports older adults with the services they need to live safely and independently in their own homes. With four Centers located in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties, LIFE provides participants with comprehensive medical care, prescription coverage, transportation, in-home services like light housekeeping, as well as therapy, adult daycare, and social activities

This month, LIFE Armstrong County participants indulged in a fun-filled game of Candy Trivia, testing their knowledge of confectionery delights with enthusiasm and laughter. Meanwhile, St. Patrick’s Day brought about celebrations at the LIFE Beaver and Butler county centers, with participants engaging in themed activities such as a “Leprechaun Shoot” and festive decorations throughout the centers. LIFE Lawrence County embraced the rhythm of dance with a spectacular dance party that brought staff and participants together in celebration..


LIFE Armstrong County

LIFE Armstrong County Embraces Team Building

In a refreshing departure from the ordinary, LIFE Armstrong County recently organized a dynamic team building day packed with laughter, challenges, and Chick-fil-A.

During a dynamic all-staff training session, team members at LIFE Armstrong County found themselves not only engaged in valuable learning experiences but also immersed in a series of activities designed to strengthen bonds and boost morale. A favorite collaborative challenge, was a team cup stacking game that required communication and cooperation.

“We wanted to create a day where everyone could come together, let loose, and truly connect on a personal level,” explained Lesley McGregor Center Director for LIFE Armstrong County.

To top it all off, a delicious lunch from Chick-fil-A served as the perfect complement to an already memorable day.

Participants also seized the opportunity to partake in the team-building festivities represented by transferring a ball blindly to the person behind them. In this activity, each participant held a bucket, while the designated leader, holding the ball, relied on instructions from the person seated behind them regarding when and where to drop the ball into the bucket. There sure was a lot of smiles and laughter with this exercise!

LIFE Beaver County

LIFE Beaver County Makes a Splash with “Under the Sea” Prom Extravaganza

LIFE Beaver County brought the magic back to prom night with an unforgettable celebration that had attendees reminiscing about their high school days and creating new memories to cherish. Over 65 participants eagerly gathered at the center, ready to dive into the oceanic-themed ‘Under the Sea’ prom extravaganza.

The center became a sight to behold, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the recreation team. Over several weeks, they transformed the space, turning light fixtures into jellyfish and adorning windows with blue streamers along with fish and turtles, creating an immersive underwater experience. DJ Don Ambrass set the tone with the perfect selection of music that included everything from Bing Crosby to tunes from the 50’s and 60’s, all while taking requests to keep the dance floor alive.

Dennis Wagner and Kathleen McCollim were crowned Prom King and Queen, respectively. Adding to the celebration was Gloria Jarret, who celebrated her birthday in the midst of the sea foam blue cupcakes.

For one participant, this Prom held particular significance as it marked her first-ever attendance at such an event. Dressed to impress in her finest attire and complete with sparkling silver shoes, she danced her heart out and embodied the spirit of the prom.

Participants couldn’t stop talking about how this was some of the most fun they have ever had and how wonderful everything was decorated.

“I went to my senior prom in high school and now I am at a real senior prom,” joked participant Dorothy Johnson “This was one of the best party’s I have ever been to!”


Pittsburgh Zoo Brings Wildlife Wonder to LIFE Beaver County Participants

Pittsburgh Zoo recently delighted participants of LIFE Beaver County with an immersive animal presentation. With 4 animals from the zoo, including a blue-tongued lizard, a barn owl, an Eastern Box turtle and a Tenrec, a cousin to the Hedgehog, the hour-plus presentation was a fusion of education and entertainment.

For many participants, this experience marked a rare opportunity to meet with wildlife up close, as most had not visited the zoo in years. The chance to see and interact with these animals firsthand brought many questions and good discussions, as participants seized the opportunity to learn more about their natural habitats, diet, and behaviors.

A very special thanks to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium for helping make the day our participants and treating them to such a fun and unique experience!

LIFE Butler County

LIFE Butler County Unveils Its Own Superheroes

Move over Batman and Superman, there are new heroes in town, and they’re not from Gotham City or Metropolis. Superheros like Captain Shield and Dark Justice hail from LIFE Butler County and they are here to save the day! The participants of LIFE Butler County recently celebrated “Super Hero Day”, and it’s as cool as it sounds.

Participants discovered their unique superhero identities by combining the first letter of their names with their birth month, giving each person their own special hero name. With their newly acquired identities, participants could finally create their own masks. Each mask was designed to reflect the individuality and spirit of its creator, giving rise to a diverse array of superheroes ready to take on any challenge.

But being a superhero isn’t just about donning a mask; it’s about being physically and mentally prepared to face adversity head-on. To ensure they were up to the task, participants engaged in fun games that tested their strength as well as some mind training exercises to sharpen their cognitive abilities. The highlight of the day was the Shield Toss, where participants showcased their accuracy and skill by hurling shields with precision and finesse.

Watch out, evildoers, because LIFE Butler County’s superheroes are here to defend justice, protect the innocent, and ensure that the light of hope shines bright in their community!

LIFE Lawrence County

Bigfoot Adventure Club at LIFE Lawrence County

Imaginations ran wild at LIFE Lawrence County as participants embarked on a Bigfoot hunt, eager to uncover the mysteries surrounding the legendary creature. Though Bigfoot remained elusive, the hunt transformed the center into an educational hub, where participants learned about the lore behind the mythical being.

Armed with curiosity and enthusiasm, participants learned fun facts and theories about Bigfoot. Bigfoot-themed shirts were proudly worn by both participants and staff, including a favorite that read, “Hide and Seek Champion”, a playful nod to Bigfoot’s legendary ability to evade detection.

But the highlight of the day came courtesy of one participant who took their dedication to Bigfoot by sporting a pair of oversized “Bigfoot” feet, much to the delight of their fellow hunters.

For more information about the LIFE Programs, call (412) 356 -1673 or visit LIFE Viecare