Senior-Friendly Phones Make It Easy To Connect With Loved Ones

Published: February 12, 2018

Love is in the air! What a great time to call your loved ones and let them know how much you care. Often times the simple pleasure of catching up with family and friends is a lost opportunity for seniors living with hearing or vision loss.

Fortunately, today’s technology offers new and exciting ways to stay in touch with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all of our favorite people.

There are many amplified telephones that will increase the volume of the conversation several decibels to assist with hearing. These phones are available in many models, including wired, cordless, with or without answering machines and with signaling lights to provide a visual alert for an incoming phone calls.

If you are looking for a different option, there are also captioned telephones that will display the conversation on a screen so you never miss what is being said. For those with a certified hearing loss these phones are available free of charge.

For some, low vision makes it difficult to place a phone call because the buttons are too small. A large button phone, with backlit numbers or a number pad that speaks the number pressed can help. Once you program the phone number and assign it to a photo, making a call only requires the press of one button.

The mobile phone industry also offers phones designed for seniors or anyone who is unfamiliar with using a cell phone. These phones are available in flip phone models and one company offers a senior friendly smart phone. You can also explore options in the settings of many mobile devices that cater to those with vision or hearing impairments.

Skype and Facetime allow you to visit with your loved ones virtually – what a great way to connect! If your loved one doesn’t have a mobile device, a friend or family member can facilitate the visit.

Finally, the Amazon Echo can now make calls to land lines, cell phones or other Echo speakers.

With all of these options available, calling to say “I love you” is easier than ever!

If you would like more information on any of these or other senior-friendly technology items, call Sharon Whalen, technology associate at (724) 452-3619 or

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