Leadership at Lutheran SeniorLife

A Message from the President

Lutheran SeniorLife is an organization rich in tradition, faith and in quality service delivered each and every day.

Seniors and their families have been a constant foundation of our rich 100-year history, but their expectations and needs are ever-changing. What lies ahead is a new beginning with a broader delivery of services and communities to enhance senior living. We are investing our resources to align our organization with new expectations for health and wellness while being able to fulfill our mission of providing opportunties for an Abundant Life®.

As the expectations of these seniors evolve, Lutheran SeniorLife will continue to deliver on its obligations and commitments, and will meet new opportunities by drawing upon our leadership, integrity and values to guide us.


-David J. Fenoglietto,

President and CEO



Lutheran SeniorLife Leadership Staff

David J. Fenoglietto, President and Chief Executive Officer

Jane E. Bittcher, Vice President of Development

Kathy S. Castle, Vice President of Human Resources

Susan Q. DiGirolamo, Chief Financial Officer

Antionette Hively, Executive Director of LIFE Services

Chuck Lamb, Vice President, Technology Management and Quality

Laura Roy, Executive Director of Lutheran SeniorLife Passavant Community

Karen Russell, Executive Director of Lutheran SeniorLife St. John Community

Donna S. Van Kirk, Vice President of System Development

Margie Walsh, Executive Director, VNA, Western Pennsylvania


Lutheran SeniorLife Board of Directors

Mark Trauman, J.D., Chairman

Rev. Peter D. Asplin

Frank T. Baker, Ph.D.

Rev. Ron Brown

Jeannette Christensen

Ronald J. Coombs

Rev. William B. Diehm

Rev. James W. Dollhopf

George D. Ehringer

David J. Fenoglietto

Rev. Randall Frenz

R. Brandon James

Eric D. Kofmehl, Ph.D.

Mary Jeanne Krob, M.D.

Rev. Robert L. Musser

Michele Reuss

Rev. Sandra Samuel

Rev. Margaret A. Suhr-Barkley

David M. Wolfe


Lutheran SeniorLife Foundation

Carol Achezinski

Thomas E. Crowley, J.D.

David J. Fenoglietto

Kurt Herbst

Benjamin S. Jamieson

Mary Jeanne Krob, M.D.

Brian A. Maxwell

John W. Manzetti

Rev. Michael Sourwine

Lance A. Whiteman

Daniel E. Wille, Esq.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities at VNA, Western PA

Location: VNA, Western PA

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