ASPIRE Wellness Philosophy

Today, individuals are living longer—and healthier—lives! Researchers agree that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will continue to reap benefits as we age. Aging well means staying active, but also involves living out your values, exploring meaningful pursuits, staying curious, cultivating new knowledge and skills, and deepening connections with family, friends and community. At Lutheran SeniorLife, we believe that a long life is a gift that offers opportunities for growth of mind, body and spirit. Our newest initiative at Passavant Community does just that. ASPIRE Wellness offers a holistic approach to healthy living through six universal Wellness Dimensions that can help you achieve balance and meaning in your life.

About the Program

We know that being healthy is more than just being physically fit. It’s pursuing our passions, satisfying our curiosity and staying connected and meaningfully engaged. That’s why we created ASPIRE Wellness, a multi-dimensional approach to whole-person wellness that will leave you invigorated, inspired, and joyful. Our goal is to help you unleash your inner strength to achieve your best life, every day.

ASPIRE Wellness offers:

  • Holistic approach to wellness for mind, body and spirit
  • Wide-ranging programs for varied interests and abilities
  • Skilled instructors to help you achieve your goals
  • Modern equipment, facilities and technology to enhance health and safety
  • Rotating 8-week sessions to keep programs fresh and relevant
  • Ongoing health assessments to keep you on track
  • Themed sessions and special events to promote community participation
  • Personal training options to help customize your results

ASPIRE Wellness Annual
Membership Benefits

ASPIRE Wellness is available to those who live at Passavant Community—our Residents—as well as to members of the general public—referred to as Community Members. All residents receive a FREE annual membership. Community memberships are $150 annually or members can pay-as-you go for individual events or program.

Benefits Passavant Residents Community Members
Fitness Center Membership No Cost 50% off (ask if your insurance covers this for free)
Priority Registration for All Sessions and One-Day Activities YES N/A
Exclusive Resident-Only Opportunities YES N/A
ASPIRE Wellness Classes, Events, Lectures Unlimited 3
Additional ASPIRE Class Discount N/A 25%
Invitation to Special Events YES YES
Quarterly Wellness Assessment YES YES
Quarterly Personalized Wellness Plan YES YES
Be Well Loyalty Card Eligible YES YES
1 Daily Free Drink at the Bistro YES YES

Dimensions of Wellness

While everyone’s wellness story is different, we’ve identified and integrated six universal dimensions that can enrich your overall health and wellbeing. These dimensions are the foundation of our ASPIRE Wellness program.


Staying active enables you to be as healthy as possible, regardless of your starting point and fitness experience. Active wellness is more than regular exercise. It involves balancing nutritional practices and paying attention to body signals as well.


Intellectual wellness affords opportunities to satisfy your curiosity and to learn and grow across a broad and challenging spectrum of knowledge and skills. It involves your ability to value many experiences, stay stimulated with new ideas, and share you own perspectives throughout your life.


As spiritual beings, we are encouraged to express and grow in our chosen faith. Spiritual wellness involves a process of looking within and exploring your values and beliefs to discover a source of strength and serenity.


Relational wellness provides opportunities for social engagement and fun, as well as for developing deep and meaningful relationships. It entails building close friendships, practicing empathy, and caring for others. It is what ties you to the community.


Being purposeful is about meaningful engagement and finding opportunities to contribute to the community or society. It is often a fit between who you are called to be and what you are called to do.


Expressive wellness is about understanding that we are imaginative beings who are always in the process of creating something. It means being connected to yourself and finding ways to express who you are.

What’s Happening

ASPIRE Wellness – Session Updates

We are finishing up our current session of ASPIRE Wellness. Please return your Class Evaluation Form to Brian Damaska by October 8. A new session will begin October 11 with several new class offerings. Please give your Class Registration Form to Brian Damaska by October 4 to join.

Wellness Tips of the Week

What’s Intellectual Wellness?

Intellectual wellness encourages interacting in creative and stimulating ways to expand your knowledge as well as understanding diverse points of view. Discovering your own potential for sharing your talents and perspective with others and taking differing perspectives into consideration are both great examples of intellectual wellness. Maintaining an optimal level of intellectual wellness also strengthens your concentration, memory, and critical thinking skills.

Try signing up for the new History Hobo Speaker Series on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m.

ASPIRE Wellness Contact Information

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ASPIRE Wellness Manager

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Unleash Your Inner Strength

ASPIRE Wellness is a holistic approach that enriches all aspects of your wellbeing. Learn more about how this program keeps you healthy, inspired and engaged.