St. John Veterans Receive Generous Donation from “Cookies for a Cause”

Recently, siblings Jenna and John Sutton, along with Mars student, Audrey Milk presented a check to St. John executive director Samantha Rapuk in the amount of $1,498.90 for the St. John Community Veterans Fund.

For the past four summers, the brother and sister duo, have run their own charity, ‘Cookies for a Cause’.
Jenna and John spend their weekends selling cookies and raising money as a way to, “spread recognition for the veterans in the town of Mars, and involve our generation with the greatest generation, acknowledging and appreciating their sacrifices. Oftentimes, it feels as if veterans, especially those in nursing homes, are forgotten, but we want them to know that they are remembered and that young people are actively trying to help them,”
according to the siblings.

All cookies are homemade by their student council, and 100% of proceeds are given to the St. John veterans. ‘Cookies for a Cause’ has reached its goal of $1,000 raised and donated each summer. Since 2018 a grand total of $5,954.75 has been donated.

Jenna is in her first-year at the University of Pittsburgh studying environmental engineering and sustainability and John is a junior at Mars High School.
The siblings truly characterize what it means to be a leader.

To learn more about Cookies for a Cause and how you can help, visit