SilverSmart™ Partners with K4Connect to Launch Technology Solutions

Lutheran SeniorLife’s SilverSmart™ Technology program is partnering with a North Carolina based software company, K4Connect, to deliver senior living technology solutions for older adults residing in Overbrook Pointe’s residential living apartments.

The craftsman style building currently houses 53 apartments that will soon be equipped with three technology solutions from the company’s K4Community ecosystem.

These solutions or “modules” are specially designed to keep seniors safe, engaged and connected.

“We are currently working to implement three modules that will improve the quality of life for our seniors,” said SilverSmart™ Technology Coordinator, Sharon Whalen. “These include digital signage, Amazon Alexa and a resident-facing app.”

All can be tailored to create the perfect senior living environment and help Lutheran SeniorLife’s residents live an Abundant Life®.

SilverSmart™ will launch the modules in collaboration with the K4Connect team in three stages, with the first phase taking place in early October.

“We’ve already begun installing the digital signage, which showcases campus announcements across TVs, and received very positive feedback,” Whalen said. “So, I think we are going to continue to get some really nice responses as we move along through each phase of implementation.”

The next step will entail the installation of Amazon Alexa’s Echo Dot in each resident’s room, followed by a resident app.

Both features will improve resident safety and communication through voice assistance and finger-tip connection.

“The tools let us do everything from set up a voice-activated directory to share resident forms directly through the app,” Whalen said. “Overall, we are excited to see what K4Community does for Overbrook Pointe and, eventually, our other residential living locations.”