Creating Your Path to Spiritual Wellness

To live a full life during our retirement years, we must explore wellness in each of its six dimensions; physical, social, intellectual, emotional, vocational and spiritual.

Spiritual wellness can mean different things for different people. But, at its core, being spiritually well involves seeking meaning and purpose for human existence. No matter how we choose to express our spirituality, striving to live each day in a manner that is consistent with our values and beliefs contributes to our well-being.

Asking life’s big questions

To achieve true spiritual wellness, one must ask themselves important questions such as “Who am I?” and “What is meaningful in my life?” For some, this quest involves prayer or attending religious services. For others, it may include meditation, connecting with nature or quiet reflection.

When traveling along a path of self-discovery, we often learn to value that which we cannot completely understand. By finding peace and harmony through exploring our internal emotions and personal thoughts, we can learn to appreciate all of our feelings, even grief, fear, doubt and disappointment.

No matter how confident we are in our own beliefs, practicing tolerance towards those around us – and accepting how they choose to express themselves spiritually – contributes to our own wellness. Realizing that we are all connected and openly discussing those connections can lead us to a deeper appreciation for others – and for life itself.

A path of spiritual self-discovery often involves inquisitiveness and curiosity – two vital attributes that contribute to other aspects of wellness.

Creating your path to spiritual wellness

As retirees, there are numerous ways we can incorporate spirituality into our lives: from attending church to exploring how others experience and express spirituality.

At Lutheran SeniorLife, we recognize the value of spiritual wellness and offer residents opportunities to explore various aspects of spirituality. Ultimately, to be spiritually well, we must seek to integrate our values and beliefs into how we live our everyday lives. We are committed to helping our residents find their individual path to spiritual wellness.