Passavant Community Serves Up October Festivities: Harvest Brunch Delights and Resident Soup Sale Warm Hearts

In the heart of Zelienople, Passavant Community stands as a beacon of warmth and hospitality that is renowned not only for its picturesque surroundings but also for the unparalleled friendliness of its residents.

In the month of October, this vibrant community showcased various events that help make it one of the premiere living communities for older adults in Western Pennsylvania.

Passavant Community Host Harvest Brunch

On October 20, Passavant Community welcomed 85 prospective residents at their Harvest Brunch event. Passavant resident, Jean Horensky, played the piano while other Passavant residents warmly welcomed guests by sharing their stories, and answering all their questions about life at Passavant while everyone got a taste of life (literally) at the wonderful Community.

The exceptional brunch was prepared by the incredible Cura Hospitality team with a menu that featured Ham, Swiss & Spinach Quiche, Home Fries, French Toast with Warm Cinnamon Apples, and a delectable Apple Pie for dessert.

“We are really proud of the entire kitchen staff and everyone across campus, everyone works really hard,” said Rebecca Hlavach, General Manager of dining services at Passavant. “They are the true definition of a team because it takes so many individuals to put on these kinds of events and make it perfect. Our staff always puts out beautiful seasonal food, they accommodate anyone’s dietary needs or concerns and we always receive such positive feedback about the food.”

But there’s more to Passavant than just delicious meals. “Two of the biggest reasons people come here are because residents are so friendly and the wonderful town of Zelienople,” shared Passavant resident Paul Payerchin. “The wonderful food is just an added bonus.”

Passavant is more than a community; it’s a family. We look forward to welcoming new faces and sharing more memorable moments like these in the future.

Soup-er Effort: Passavant Residents Have Successful Soup Sale

As the weather becomes cooler and the leaves begin to change, there is no better comfort food than soup. Kathi Peters, one the incredible Passavant Community residents, recently spearheaded an amazing soup sale that not only filled many hungry stomachs, but also fueled community spirit.

In total, an amazing 90 quarts of soup were lovingly crafted, featuring a delightful array of 20 different kinds. Over 25 resident chefs showcased their culinary talents with all proceeds benefiting the Passavant Residence Association. Among the mouthwatering varieties were several takes on potato soup, rich and creamy Tomato Bisque, the classic French Onion with cheesy bread topping, hearty split pea with ham, the flavorful black bean corn, and the savory hamburger vegetable soup – just to name a few!

“We have many residents in the Residence Association who volunteered to make soup. When we sell that helps us pay for events and offsets the cost of many other expenses,” explained Peters. “I am incredibly grateful for those who made soup, we can’t do it without help. So many people went above and beyond to make soups and we are grateful to everyone who bought soups”

For more information about Passavant Community:

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