Passavant Community Host Annual Resident Horse Race

tabletop horses ready to race And they are off!

The activity staff at Passavant Community recently held their annual tabletop horse races for residents.

The St. Patrick’s Day-themed race pitted decorated oven mitts against each other. Colorful yarn served as the horses’ main and bridle, while the roll of the dice determined the pace of the race.

Residents and staff provided names for the horses including Lucky, Lollipop, Mutt, Skuttle butt, Princess Hot Stuff, Greys Anatomy, Goldie, Miss Kitty, Patience, Flash, Secretariat and Pot O’ Gold.

Tonya Kennedy, Passavant household coordinator

Tonya Kennedy (RIGHT), the household coordinator, announced the event providing updates with every horse’s position on the track.

In one race, Goldie took the early lead while Princess Hot Stuff remained hot on her tail. The residents cheered as their laughter echoed throughout the building.

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tabletop horses ready to race  Passavant residents enjoying the horse racing Passavant resident enjoying the horse racing