LIFE Armstrong Celebrates Pi Day

Is there anything better than a fresh-made 3.14? Yes, an actual pie! Jody Brocious pours butter

Nutritionist Holly Kepple and cook Jody Brocious (RIGHT) teamed up to celebrate National Pi Day by helping participants make pies at LIFE Armstrong County.

Each participant was provided two mini tins, crushed graham crackers, pudding, whipped cream, as well as strawberries, blueberries, and a banana to make individual fruit-filled pies

What is Pi day?

According to Wikipedia, Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (3.14). It is a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) and to eat lots of pie.

About 12 participants took part in the interactive cooking class, making various pies filled with fresh fruit. “Our goal is to provide participants with simple recipes that they could easily make at home,” explained Kepple.

Sally Pennington, 72, of Ford City attended the event with her 105-year-old mother, Hannah Cloak. Pennington really enjoyed participating in the activity and plans to continue making the pies at home. “It’s easy,” acknowledged Pennington.

Pennington has been taking part in the activities at the center for the past two years. “I love it,” said Pennington about the Center. “I like to exercise, but won’t do it on my own.” She also likes the social aspect of the center and “talking to people,” as she explained.

Asked if she liked making the pies, participant Helen Baker jokingly quipped, “They were better to eat.”

Pie decorating

LIFE Armstrong County suspended operations at its Adult Day Center in September of last year due to the county’s high COVID positivity rates and recently reopened at the end of February.

“Custard rhubarb is my favorite,” pie explained Linda Hughes of Kittanning as she delicately placed a blueberry on top of her freshly made cream pie. “I really like pies,” explained Hughes. “These pies are very easy to make. I will probably make them at home.”

“The participants and staff are all so happy to be getting back to normal,” said the center director, Lesly McGregor. “We have scheduled a number of ongoing activities for participants like ‘Pi Day’ so they can engage in fun and meaningful activities and socialize with their friends.”

Pie decorating Living Independent for the Elderly (LIFE) is just one of approximately 40 LIFE programs in the state of Pennsylvania. LIFE Armstrong County serves 90 participants in the Armstrong County area.

LIFE is an innovative health plan that allows older adults to remain at home through coordinated care and services. Services include comprehensive medical care, prescription coverage, transportation, in-home services like light housekeeping, as well as therapy, adult daycare, and social activities. All plans are individualized for each participant and re-evaluated every six months or as needed. Pi Day is only one of the many activities and events held at the LIFE Armstrong County center.


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Nutritionist Holly Kepple and cook Jody Brocious

Helping decorate the pie