Online Blue Christmas Services to Offer Healing and Hope

When dealing with grief, illness, depression, loneliness, unemployment, and other forms of loss, finding that “holiday cheer” can be especially challenging. That is why many congregations offer special church services, called Blue Christmas services, for people in the congregation and the surrounding areas.

Sometimes this service is symbolically held on December 21st, the longest night of the year, and referred to as a Longest Night service.  Whatever their name, the purpose of these services is to bring comfort and signs of peace to people experiencing distress.

Many of these services feature candlelight, quiet and reflective music (think “Silent Night, Holy Night” and Hillary Scott’s “Thy Will Be Done”) and the opportunity for personal prayer.  While these services are typically a more solemn affair, the themes of hope and peace are reiterated throughout.  Many people who attend these services do not belong to the church where the service is being provided.

Below you’ll find a list of online Blue Christmas and Longest Night worship services available that we have compiled as part of our Health & Wellness Ministry

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If you have any questions about these services, or to make us aware of an upcoming service not included in this listing, please contact Patty Davidson, Health & Wellness Ministry Coordinator, at (412) 367-8222 or