A Look at LIFE

The LIFE programs of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence are community staples that support the participants’ need to thrive at home and in the neighborhood. In August, the LIFE centers commitment to participants were on full display. Life Armstrong featured a petting zoo, LIFE Beaver dieticians created various nutritional programs, LIFE Lawrence hosted a county fair day while LIFE Butler served up novelty ice cream.

petting zooAt LIFE Armstrong, participants kicked off their annual fair week with a petting zoo. The Country Flair Farm from Worthington, PA brought a few of their animals for everyone to see.  Participants, staff, and families were able to get up close to goats, alpaca, pony, llama, rabbets, turtles, and even an 800 lb. water buffalo.

The dietary team of LIFE Beaver was hard at work designing educationally fun nutrition programs for the participants. One program included a day where they ate quinoa, a nutrient-dense food that can help with cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Participants first learned about the benefits of this wonderful food and then ate cold quinoa salad with fresh produce.nutrition programs LIFE Beaver

Another program had participants and staff coloring pages of various fruits and vegetables. Participants used different colors to reflect “eating a rainbow of colors” while also learning about the nutrients found in each color of fruit and vegetable.  Participants also learned how to make frozen yogurt, which can contain many helpful nutrients that provide health benefits.


LIFE Lawrence County hosted a carnival week as well as hosted a classic car show. For carnival day, participants partook in friendly, fun games such as ball toss, archery, darts, duck pond, and spin the birthday wheel! In addition to these carnival themed games, the participants took part in karaoke music with Mike Leslie as well as outdoor water fun to cool down.
Water Balloon fight “A very special thanks to everyone who helped put this day together” said Riley Gallagher, LIFE Lawrence County Recreational Therapist. “It was a full team effort from recreation staff, CNA’s, Transportation Drivers, and Day Center Supervisor! Everyone helped run games and walk participants around!” For the Car Cruise, Participants played corn hole and walked around to see the sleek curves of different cars from all around the community including a Steelers black-and-gold “The Terrible Truck” and other classic cars such as a red Chevy Impala, Pontiac Firebird, Ford Motel T and Ford Mustang.


I Scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! That was the theme for one day as the the ice cream truck visited LIFE Butler County.  The participants enjoyed some novelty ice cream treats!

Ice Cream Ice cream








Do you know of anyone that could use a little extra help living at home? Visit, www.LIFEviecare.org for more information.