The Running of the Passavant Derby

Passavant Derby

The residents of Passavant Community recently gathered at a makeshift track and placed their bets. The cheering of the crowd and the anticipation of the horses’ next move set the stage for an exciting, fun-filled day at the Passavant Derby.

The Derby featured six “horses” competing against one another. The horse’s gate number and the roll of the dice dictated the horse’s position on the track. Residents placed their bets on their favorite filly, eagerly hoping the roll of the dice landed in their favor. With 10 lengths to win, each roll was critical.

The horses competing on the day included: Gate 1, Lucky Laura Lee; Gate 2, Long-Shot-Lisa; Gate 3, Now-Reid-Aloud; Jumping-For-Joy, Gate 4, Misty Midge; Gate 5 and in Gate 6, American Black Beauty.

Each of the eight races were competitive, but one horse dominated the day; a five-time winner “Jumping-For-Joy”, who really lived up to the name. The resident winners of the day included two-time winners Frank Santamaria and Lois Watkins. Other winners included Al Hawk, Jack Voelzke, Rusty Percora and Nadine Simon.

Resident Al Stoker, cheered the loudest encouraging his pink horse, Now-Reid-Aloud. Unfortunately, he left the track empty handed. “I’ll have to thumb a ride home, I couldn’t win anything!” Stoker joked.

Resident Paul Payerchin coordinated event. “I think it was a lot of fun,” said Payerchin. “We all had a wonderful time with a lot of laughs.”

Passavant Derby