4 Benefits of Life Plan Community Living

We all want to live abundant lives, so it makes sense that where we choose to retire matters. Right? For some, it’s a lakeside retreat with infinite fishing on a relaxing dock. For others, it’s a low-maintenance apartment close to family.

But, for those who value all-inclusive possibilities, Life Plan Communities (LPC) may be the best possible option. LPCs evolve with you as you age by providing access to services, amenities and a reliable continuum of care. It’s a vibrant existence where residents can immerse themselves in an active and fulfilling life. Below are 4 benefits of Life Plan Community living so you can determine if it’s right for you.

  1. Unmatched Services & Amenities

Do you hate mowing the lawn or fixing things around the house? If so, you’re not alone! Fortunately, LPCs eliminate the responsibility of home maintenance. Similarly, most independent living residences include the freedom of customizable interiors so you can make personalized choices for your home. Lutheran SeniorLife’s LPCs offer additional perks, too, like chef-prepared meals, transportation to-and-from local events, as well as an endless array of programs for emotional, social, physical and intellectual gain.

  1. Strong Sense of Community

Many LPCs are located within a campus-like setting that boasts a rich communal environment. These grounds are typically occupied by residents who enjoy learning, connecting and immersing themselves in the wisdom of each other’s experiences. It’s the ideal place to find inspiration and opportunities for continued growth. Specifically, Lutheran SeniorLife’s Passavant Community offers the unique advantage of residing within the town of Zelienople. This is an exciting feature that enhances the warmth and vitality of our LPC.

  1. Guaranteed Lifetime Care

Another benefit that typically draws people into a LPC is the promise of lifelong care. At Lutheran SeniorLife, Passavant and St. John Community occupants receive as little or as much care as they need while having the comfort of knowing, should they ever require additional support, it is there for them. Furthermore, thanks to the generosity of benevolent care donors, our residents can rest assured that they will be seamlessly transitioned from one level of care to the next if their finances should ever change.

  1. Researched Stamp of Approval

It’s true! Mather Institute reports that people who reside in Life Plan Communities are happier and healthier than their counterparts. In fact, Lutheran SeniorLife’s Passavant Community is one of 80 LPCs currently participating in the institute’s five-year analysis to explore LPC residents’ overall health and life satisfaction. Lutheran SeniorLife was particularly ecstatic to learn that our residents scored higher than other LPCs in the areas of physical, spiritual and vocational wellness concluding the study’s first-year findings.

Did these 4 benefits of Life Plan Community living resonate with you? We’d love to learn more about your thoughts. Contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!