Medication Dispensing Equipment

For some older adults, keeping track of multiple prescriptions presents a daily challenge. There may be one set of pills to be taken in the morning, another in the afternoon and yet another at night.

To address these challenges, VNA introduces VNA SmartMed Program. These innovative technological solutions for medication management makes it easier for individuals to follow their prescribed course of treatment even in the absence of a caregiver.


VNA's SmartMed Program makes managing medications easy. With the use of the MedSmart medication dispenser, medications are organized, with reminders and automatic dispensing. Load the correct pills into the tray based upon the number of doses per day. Program the clock and alarm times. MedSmart will beep, flash and rotate when it's time to take your medication. Just flip the unit over to remove the correct pills. All other doses remain safe and secure.

MedSmart has an innovative event reporting notification option,  whereby family caregivers and healthcare professionals can be alerted via text message, e-mail or voice when doses are missed, refills are needed or if the dispenser experiences a mechanical issue.

MedSmart fees include a one time installation fee and a monthly fee. Additional fees apply for the notification option and if the unit is pre-filled by VNA.

VNA patients receive FREE installation and the 1st month of service FREE. See Details.

Too see MedSmart Unit, click here.


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