Zelienople care facility opening to visitors after no COVID-19 cases among residents

By: Amy Marcinkiewicz, WPXI-TV

ZELIENOPLE — Not one person living at Lutheran Senior Life Passavant in Zelienople has come down with COVID-19. On Wednesday, the facility will open up to outside visitors.

“How you would feel if you were six months without seeing any of your family members? This has not been the greatest time,” said Executive Director Laura Roy.

COVID-19 has changed the way residents live at the facility. No outside visitors have been allowed. None of the more than 500 people living there have come down with COVID-19, though.

The new visitor guidelines will be strict, according to Roy. Only 18 people will be allowed to visit per day, and two family visitors at a time will go to a safe zone in the building. There won’t be any touching allowed, but families will be allowed to share the same space together.

“We’re going to do it as safe as we possibly can and we will have someone in the room making sure social distancing is happening,” Roy said.

Roy said she hopes the facility can accommodate more visitors in the coming weeks.

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