When Is the Right Time to Make a Move? NOW!

Many older adults want to make a move into a retirement community. They know friends who have been transformed by a similar step; they have children who encouraged them to take the plunge – they may even have visited a community that feels right for them.

But for some, finally following through can be difficult. It’s only natural to feel some hesitation about life’s transitions. But, according to recent research, those who put off a move may actually be denying themselves a healthier, happier life.

A new phase – and an enhanced lifestyle

Independent living residents surveyed on how their lives changed after moving to their community reported a range of positive effects on their lifestyle. Here are a few examples:

  • 61% said they made new friends
  • 45% interacted more frequently with existing friends
  • 42% reported they are healthier
  • 37% took up new hobbies
  • 35% exercised more frequently

These findings make perfect sense. At a retirement community, new residents moving from their home enjoy increased social opportunities, more free time, on-site exercise facilities, programs that provide intellectual engagement, and much more.

A different approach to retirement

Some may put off a move because they have an outdated notion about retirement communities as places where people go to “wind down.” But today, the reality is much different. Lutheran SeniorLife residential communities have been designed not just to provide care and comfort, but also to support the very active lifestyle of a vibrant new generation of retirees.

In fact, most residents have decided to simplify their lives so that they can “gear up.” With ample free time – and without the demands of homeownership – our residents have taken on new challenges and broadened their interests. At Lutheran SeniorLife, we support them with a wide range of comforts, such as bistro dining, a wellness center for exercise, hobby studio and reading lounge among many other amenities.

Once again, it’s only natural to feel some indecision about moving. But considering all the benefits, procrastination may simply amount to delaying your first step on a path toward freedom and the exploration of new pursuits. To learn more about the positive aspects of life in a retirement community, contact us and we’ll arrange for you to speak with some of our residents. They’re enjoying a healthy, engaged lifestyle. Why not consider joining them… today?