VNA Offers Grief Support

VNA, Western Pennsylvania is well known for providing in-home health care services to people in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Mercer and northwest Westmoreland counties. However, their compassion reaches beyond home health in other areas such as community and bereavement support. VNA offers free services for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one in the form of three groups. These include individual bereavement support, community services and grief support for children and teens.

Individual Bereavement Support

These private sessions carried out by bereavement specialists offer a sense of relief for individuals who need one-on-one support. For certain individuals, we understand that long-term counseling might be a better option. Our certified professionals are qualified to make these decisions and refer individuals to other community counseling services if needed. Various private sessions are offered including but not limited to loss in the form of miscarriage, loss of a child and families facing an impending loss.

Community Education and Support

During these guided group sessions, grief experts will help you share your experiences while connecting with others who have experienced a similar loss. Speakers are encouraged to participate in these sessions if they have sufficient experience in end of life issues. Healing classes are offered to any staff member who has suffered the loss of a coworker or resident.

Bereavement Services for Children and Teens

Children and teens can benefit greatly from private, individualized grieving services conducted by our bereavement specialists. Different subgroups include students who have lost a classmate, children who have lost a close friend or those who have suffered from the loss of a teacher.

After experiencing loss, a wide array of emotions take place and these feelings are different for everyone. Fortunately, we recognize that grief is painful but it is also normal. Healing is a process that can be made more comfortable with support and services that are tailored to you. Please call the VNA Community Bereavement Center at 724-431-3520 if you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from our free sessions.