Top 5 Facebook Posts of 2023

We are immensely grateful for the support and engagement from our incredible community of followers on Facebook and all our social media. Your dedication to Lutheran SeniorLife has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness and fostering a sense of connection. Your likes, shares, and comments have not only amplified our message but have also created a vibrant and supportive online community.

As we reflect on the highlights of the year, we are reminded of the impactful moments that shaped us. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey, and we look forward to continuing this meaningful connection in the coming year.

Below are our Top 5 post of 2023

St. John Community Opens New Affordable Apartments

Published January 4

“It felt like home to me,” said Mary Ackerman who recently moved into The Residence at St. John from another community to be closer to her children and 11 grandchildren. “I’m starting a new phase in my life…. I don’t have to do housekeeping; there is no cooking, no food shopping. It’s great!”

Read about the exciting growth of St. John Community

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Exciting Day at Moraine State Park with LIFE Lawrence and LIFE Butler Participants

Published June 28

It was a wonderful day recently when the participants from LIFE Lawrence and Butler Counties took a trip to Moraine State Park.

The highlight of the day was a delicious lunch that consisted of juicy hamburgers, sizzling hotdogs, creamy potato salad, and refreshing watermelon. It was great to see new friendships forming over a shared a meal.

With something to do for everyone, some participants relished in the picturesque view of the water and gentle breeze that was in the air while others danced and enjoyed the great weather. LIFE Lawrence recreation manager, Lisa Scheidemantle, surprised everyone with squirt guns for an epic water fight that left plenty of the participants laughing.

It was an extraordinary day filled with joy, laughter, and new connections.

A huge shout out to all the participants and the incredible team at LIFE Lawrence and LIFE Butler for organizing this fantastic outing. Thank you for making it such a memorable experience!

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Celebrating Love and Commitment at LIFE Beaver County!

Published October 18

We are thrilled to share a heartwarming story of love and connection that unfolded at LIFE Beaver County. Last week we had the honor of witnessing the beautiful commitment ceremony of two incredible individuals, Vince Lack and Mary De La Cruz. These lovebirds met right here at the Center three years ago and have since embarked on a remarkable journey together.

LIFE Beaver Center Director, Don Schamberg, served as the officiant for their special day, weaving their tale into a narrative that captures the essence of their love story.

Mary, with her vibrant spirit and infectious positivity, was sitting at the lunch table when LIFE Beaver staff cheerfully inquired, “Good morning Mary, what do you want?”, (meaning what do you want for lunch today.) Mary, without missing a beat, replied, “A good man… I want a good man.” Little did she know that fate had a wonderful surprise in store for her.

In an unexpected twist, the employee gestured towards Vince, who happened to be sitting in the next room, and said, “Vince is a good man… why don’t you get to know him?” From that moment, a spark ignited between them, leading to a friendship that bloomed into a beautiful romance and, ultimately, a deeply committed partnership

Amidst the love and support of our LIFE Beaver County family, Vince and Mary promised to stand by each other through thick and thin. Join us in congratulating Vince and Mary on this significant milestone in their lives.

Cheers to Vince and Mary! May their love continue to grow, and may their days be filled with joy, laughter, and endless love. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and adventures together!

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Happy 100th Birthday Dorothy Kennedy!

Published May 13

LIFE Lawrence County participant Dorothy Kennedy is celebrating her 100th birthday today, and she had quite the party! Dorothy was at her home when she was greeted by a 21 car parade, including the LIFE Lawrence bus, local police and some of her closest family and friends!

“Oh my goodness!” a shocked Dorothy said at the site of all the cars honking as they pulled up to her house. The LIFE Lawrence team brought banners and balloons to decorate.

What really made her day special was the citation given to her from the House of Representatives of the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania recognizing her incredible birthday milestone. Help us wish a very Happy 100th Birthday to Dorothy!

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Chelsie Kriegisch Racing Revs Up LIFE Butler County with a Thrilling Visit

Published August 9

It was an adrenaline-fueled visit recently for the LIFE Butler County participants, as Chelsie Kriegisch Racing brought her modified race car for a visit.

Chelsie Kriegisch, the incredible driver behind the wheel of the #10 machine, brought the car to show off its sleek design and talk about the car and track where she races for the Rush Sportsman Modifieds division.

The participants couldn’t believe their eyes as they got up close and personal with the high-speed world of racing and heard from Chelsie the passion she brings to the track every time she races.

A very special thanks to Chelsie for lighting up the participant’s day with her amazing energy and for giving us a glimpse into her exciting world of racing!

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