The Good LIFE – June 2023

Each day, the LIFE Centers of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties support the needs and services of participants. LIFE’s managed care model helps support older adults live independently at home with the monitored care they need to thrive in their neighborhood.

June has been an incredible month at our LIFE Centers, filled with fun events and unforgettable moments. LIFE Armstrong proudly hosted their very own county fair with plenty of funnel cake to go around. Meanwhile, LIFE Beaver Count celebrated Father’s Day by paying tribute to the men of LIFE Beaver. Over at LIFE Butler, it was time to sing “Take me out to the ball game” for a trip to the Pittsburgh Pirates game while also hosting a senior prom for participants. LIFE Lawrence County teamed up with LIFE Butler for an exciting trip to Moraine State Park.

LIFE Armstrong County

The LIFE Center of Armstrong County, recently transformed their space into a fun “fairground”, bringing a day of joy and excitement to the participants. Talented face painters worked their magic, turning each participants smiling face into a unique work of art. The participants proudly showcased their beautifully painted faces, radiating with happiness. Of course no fair is complete without the classic balloon animal. Participants left with new pet balloon poodles and other fantastic balloon animals. Participants indulged in a buttery popcorn treat while also indulging in mouthwatering funnel cake.

LIFE Beaver County

Father’s Day became a very special day at LIFE Beaver County as the center dedicated a special day of gratitude to the male participants. Participants were treated to special lunch sitting around tables adorned with a centerpiece featuring a beloved TV dad. Participants also played a trivia game based on iconic TV shows featuring renowned TV fathers. Additionally, games, like bowling, were set up to provide some healthy competitive fun. As a token of appreciation, each participant received a stylish necktie as a symbol of their strength and dignity, along with a special gift bag to commemorate this joyous occasion. It was a small gesture of gratitude for the immense impact these incredible men have on their community.

LIFE Butler County

The LIFE Butler County prom was an unforgettable night of glamour and fun. Participants got their hair styled and ready at the LIFE Butler Center, setting the stage for a fabulous evening ahead.

The excitement continued as specially decorated LIFE buses, adorned with balloons, banners, and streamers, transported participants to the General Butler Vagabonds venue where it was time for the party to officially begin. The venue was transformed into a magical space, perfect for dancing the night away and creating lifelong memories. The vibrant energy and enthusiasm filled the air as participants and staff came together to celebrate in style.

One of the night’s highlights was the captivating photo booth, where attendees struck their best poses and captured the essence of the evening. These cherished snapshots will serve as lasting mementos of the incredible friendships and joyous moments shared at the prom.

LIFE Butler participants also recently spent a night out at PNC Park watching the Pittsburgh Pirates take on St. Louis Cardinals. Participants had a blast cheering for their favorite team by joining in many “Let’s Go Bucs” chants, eating cotton candy but most importantly, seeing the Pirates stage a late game comeback to win 7-5! Raise the Jolly Roger!

LIFE Lawrence County

It was a wonderful day recently when the participants from LIFE Lawrence and Butler Counties took a trip to Moraine State Park. The highlight of the day was a delicious lunch that consisted of juicy hamburgers, sizzling hotdogs, creamy potato salad, and refreshing watermelon. It was great to see new friendships forming over a shared a meal. With something to do for everyone, participants relished in the picturesque view of the water and gentle breeze that was in the air while others danced and enjoyed the great weather. LIFE Lawrence recreation manager, Lisa Scheidemantle, surprised everyone with squirt guns for an epic water fight that left plenty of the participants laughing. It was an extraordinary day filled with joy, laughter, and new connections.

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