St. John Community Rolls Out the Red Carpet

A bright red carpet extended a warm welcome to residents, family, and friends as they gathered for a day filled of gaming at the St. John Community. As they entered the room, they were delighted to discover a diverse array of games-of-chance, inviting them to test their luck and embrace the excitement.

While no actual money exchanged hands, every resident received special chips granting them the opportunity to vie for various prizes. Organized by Sheryl Cooney, Director of Social Services, residents had the opportunity to connect, socialize, and break free from their usual routines.

“It provided the residents with an activity to step outside their comfort zones by presenting them with a unique day of fun and enjoyment,” explained Cooney.

Lynn Stewart and her husband Eric, travelled from North Carolina to spend the day with her mother, resident Ginger Mashey. According to Stewart, her mother found great joy participating in a number of games of chance. “This has been great for her,” said Lynn. “I’m just glad to see her having fun and spending time with us,” added Eric.

The event also brought back found memories for dealer Peg Burgunder, whose beloved grandmother, Margaret Torrence, who had been a resident at St. John during the 1980s.

“My family would visit her at least once a week,” said Burgunder.

Burgunder recalled specifically the happiness the music therapy class brought her grandmother.

“She would go down the hall singing songs,” after each class recalled Burgunder. “She had excellent care here. She was really happy.”

Betty, a resident of St. John, eagerly took her seat, ready to play her first game of chance for the first time. After receiving instructions on how to play the game, Betty demonstrated her natural ability by winning three games in a row. With a joyful smile, Betty remarked, “It was great to win, I’m having a good time.”

At the adjacent table, resident Wanda Vickery, took her turn as Rick Lawyer dealt the cards.

“The residents are a lot of fun,” explained Lawyer. “I try to make everyone laugh. I want it to be a memorable experience for everyone involved.”

“He’s a good guy,” Vickery said about Lawyer. “I am just trying to win to see what kind of prize I can get.”  And with the flip of a card Vickery won, and claimed her prize—a new shade of lipstick for her collection.