Virtual Health: Home for the Holidays

Virtual Health

It’s not ideal to be laid up in a hospital bed anytime of the year, but with the addition of virtual home safety visits, our Rehabilitation Services team can have you home before you know it.

“The goal of the virtual home visits is to support families in adapting home environments for the use of any new equipment required to make home activities easier to manage,” explained Amy Stewart, Director of Corporate Rehabilitation.

“A huge part of getting our patients home as quickly as possible is making sure that their home is livable,” explained Stewart.  “By conducting virtual safety visits, we are able to determine if any changes need made prior to our patients returning home following rehab.”

For instance, Jane recently spent a few days at the Butler Advanced Care Center (ACC) for a short rehab stay. While at the ACC, a therapist conducted a virtual safety tour of Jane’s home with her son. At the request of the therapist, the son measured the stairs, as well as the height of the bed and toilet. After review, the therapist recommended a number of upgrades. Her son renovated the home per the therapist’s recommendations so Jane’s new equipment could function properly and be in place upon her return.

“She was so happy to be on her way home,” explained Stewart. “It’s a win-win for both Jane and her family!”