Tech Devices Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just a few days away!  Everyone loves to remember Mom, Grandma, special aunts, and all the special women in our lives. Ask yourself, “Does mom really want another bouquet of flowers?” or “Does Grandma need another pair of slippers?”

This year consider shaking things up a little bit with a tech gift! Think about activities or hobbies your loved one enjoys but may be struggling with; there is a very good chance that a tech gift can offer a solution.

Many seniors struggle to read, a pastime loved by many.  Talking books are available through the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, free to anyone with a vision impairment. Services like also provide current titles of talking books; when connected with a smart speaker like Alexa or Google home, the books will be read with only a voice command.

Reaching out to the special lady in your life has never been easier!  Based on her needs, there are a variety of phones that will allow you to enjoy a meaningful conversation when you can’t visit in person.  FaceTime or Skype can turn the call into a virtual visit.

Grandma may benefit from a watch that announces the time or a clock that provides the day and date to keep her on schedule.

Health and safety devices are another way of showing how much you care!  An emergency pendant can increase her confidence and offer peace of mind to the family. If wellness needs to be monitored, there are health devices and medication dispensers to keep Mom on track.

This year, think about a honoring your mom with a gift that will allow her to Live an Abundant Life!

If you would like more information or have questions about senior-friendly technology, please contact Sharon Whalen, Lutheran SeniorLife technology associate, at (724) 452-3619 or