SilverSmart Celebrates 10th Anniversary

For 10 years the SilverSmart Program has been demonstrating and showcasing technology that can help seniors to live an Abundant Life!

The program grew from an initiative to a tech center that houses nearly 50 assistive devices that promote independence, safety and engagement.

Residents, staff and family members are welcome to visit and trial devices.  The technology associate works closely with each visitor to determine his/her needs and then recommend an appropriate solution. Items are not sold in the center, but purchase information is available.  A catalog providing information on the items has been developed and is available to anyone interested in learning more.

A group of residents from the Passavant Community volunteer once a month as “test pilots” for the devices and evaluate the effectiveness of the technology, senior-friendly design and willingness to recommend the item to others.  They have also promoted devices at two technology fairs that were open to all residents and the community.

Residents have been able to stay in their homes longer because of safety and wellness devices such as door alarms and fire prevention systems.

Magnifiers, hearing amplifiers and voice boosters have helped many to attend groups, meetings, services and participate in activities they enjoy.

Specialized telephones and apps like FaceTime and Skype have allowed residents to stay connected with family and participate in special events.

The technology associate is continuously monitoring and researching developments in the field of senior technology and evaluating items. The future goal is for SilverSmart to continue to grow and provide services to senior’s throughout the system and greater community.

For more information contact Sharon Whalen, technology associate, at 724-452-3619 or