Passavant to Receive New State-Of-The-Art Fitness Equipment

Passavant’s fitness center will soon receive six pieces of pneumatic resistance strength training equipment thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and The George H., Lillian S. & Mary S. Campbell Foundation.

The HUR equipment, specifically designed for older adults, will permit more effective training with less risk of injury and foster an Abundant Life® for our residents at Lutheran SeniorLife’s Passavant Community.

In addition, the equipment will feature HUR SmartTouch.

This system drives more participation among older adult users and offers an effective way for our wellness teams to monitor resident outcomes.

“The air resistance technology is going to make it so much easier on our resident’s joints when they sit down to use the machines,” said Passavant Community’s Wellness Manager, Brian Damaska.

Sometimes, walking into the gym can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never worked out before, Damaska said.

“So, once the residents see that you can just scan a wrist band and the machine will automatically personalize the settings for you, I think it’s going to make it way less overwhelming and inspire them to try something new.”

The donated equipment comes at a perfect time as the community plans to launch its new approach to holistic wellness in June.

ASPIRE Wellness will help our residents unleash their inner strength and pursue life’s possibilities through six universal dimensions.

“It’s an approach to getting older that allows you to grow and live an Abundant Life®,” Damaska said.

“I’m excited to give our residents hope and show that the game isn’t over; we’re just getting started.”

If you’d like to learn more about ASPIRE Wellness, please call 724-452-3666 or click here.

Thank you to our anonymous donor and The George H., Lillian S. & Mary S. Campbell Foundation for their generous support of Lutheran SeniorLife during the past 18 years.