Passavant Community Launches ASPIRE Wellness

Today, individuals are living longer – and healthier – lives! Researchers agree that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will continue to reap benefits as we age. Aging well means staying active, but also involves living out your values, exploring meaningful pursuits, staying curious, cultivating new knowledge and skills, and deepening connections with family, friends, and community.

That’s why Lutheran SeniorLife Passavant Community created ASPIRE Wellness philosophy!

The leadership team of Passavant Community adopted this innovative philosophy to improve the overall health and wellbeing of residents with the launch of ASPIRE Wellness—a holistic approach to enriching the body, mind, and spirit.

“We know that being healthy is more than just being physically fit,” explained executive director, Laura Roy. “It’s pursuing our passions, satisfying our curiosity, and staying connected and meaningfully engaged. That’s why we created ASPIRE Wellness.”

The philosophy focuses on six integrated “Dimensions of Wellness” including Active, Intellectual, Spiritual, Relational, Purposeful, and Expressive.  “Everybody’s level of wellness is individually based,” explained wellness manager, Brian Damaska. “The goal of ASPIRE is to help residents achieve the best life possible, every day.”

Rev. Paul Payerchin leads a bible study group as part of the spiritual dimensions aspect of ASPIRE and appreciates the “intentional focus.” This (ASPIRE) challenges me and others who wish to seek a more meaningful and abundant life.  Not being left to do my own thing or having to plan my own activities allows me to do so much, much more,” explained Rev. Payerchin.

ASPIRE became one of the reasons Janet and Jack Broskin moved to Passavant. According to Janet, Jack had been struggling with Parkinson’s, and the couple needed support. “It (ASPIRE) has helped Jack out a lot in so many ways. It has really changed his life,” said Janet.

Exercise specialist, Chad Iftt, has witnessed firsthand the impact ASPIRE has made on the residents. “It keeps the residents healthy, inspired, and engaged.”

“If you don’t use it, you lose it; not only applies to the physical body but the brain as well,” said resident Kathi Peters. The Intellectual dimension has “inspired” Kathi’s mind with “practical and useful” knowledge.  One class—Money Matters– taught her to better protect her assets. “Not only did it stimulate me to think through my finances, but… how to be sure my monies are safe, has been most helpful,” she explained.

“ASPIRE is an opportunity for all residents to enrich their minds and further develop their faith life,” explained residents Grace and Frank Kantz. “Aspire is one of the many blessings of being a resident at Passavant Community.”

ASPIRE Wellness is available to Passavant residents at no cost. Community members are also welcome to participate by obtaining a one-year membership. Membership includes a quarterly Wellness Assessment that evaluates your current health and fitness level, helps you set goals to improve your whole-person wellness, and tracks your progress over time.

To learn more about ASPIRE Wellness, call (724) 452 – 3456 or visit,