Murphy – PrimeTime Activity Center’s “Mascot”

Every Friday at PrimeTime Activity Center, operated by Lutheran Service Society, a special guest becomes the star of the day – Murphy, the 2 year old border collie/collie mix. Murphy is a therapy dog in training who owner Courtney Lotz, program manager at Lutheran Service Society / Primetime Activity Center brings to the center every Friday for socialization and exercise, for both participants and him.

“During the pandemic we couldn’t have participants inside the center,” says Lotz. “When I got Murphy, I started bringing him to our outside gatherings to both socialize him and share him with the participants. We would do stretches together and most importantly, laugh.”

Lotz and her husband call Murphy their “pandemic puppy”, who they adopted in 2020. Lotz noticed quickly that Murph’ (as she calls him), was a rather smart puppy. She recognized that Murphy has unlimited potential and knew the next step was to introduce him to participants at an early age.

“Our members have seen him grow from a 10 pound puppy to the 50 pound boy that he is now.” explains Lotz. “Murphy is a smart dog and the participants love to see him do tricks or even have him bring a newsletter to them. Murph’ will usually go table-to-table and say hello to bingo players before their games. Murph’ is a herding dog so he loves a good job.”

Murphy is so smart, that on top of training to become a therapy dog, he has received two American Kennel Club certifications; a good canine citizen and a trick dog certificate.

“He has brought so much joy,” a proud Lotz says of her boy. “It’s been wonderful to see Murphy loved by participants and staff as much as I love him. He brings an incredible amount of happiness and joy to the center. He’s become our little mascot at the center.”

To learn more about PrimeTime Senior Center, visit, or call (412) 307 – 1782