LIFE Beaver County Celebrates 15 Years with Carnival Themed Fun

LIFE Beaver County kicked off a week-long carnival celebration in honor of their 15th anniversary on Monday, July 22.

As an innovative health plan that allows seniors to live safely in their homes, LIFE Beaver County has helped older adults manage their complex medical, functional and social needs since 2004.

With 185 employees, 13 buses and 326 current participants, the program has certainly changed the lives of many.

850 participants in total have been enrolled in LIFE Beaver County since its initial opening.

“15 years is a big deal,” said Stephanie Murdoch, marketing and enrollment manager for LIFE Beaver County.

In addition to the festivities that went along with their carnival atmosphere, Beaver County radio station, WBVP-WMBA, was onsite to do live broadcasts throughout the day.

Frank Sparks and Ed Hermick led interviews with staff while participants spun the Personality Prize Wheel with intern Kristian Biega.

This event marks the first of multiple occasions planned throughout the year where LIFE Beaver County will be observing their 15-year milestone.

“We can’t capture the celebration in a one-day event,” said Murdoch.

Other upcoming affairs will include a red carpet movie preview of a recent video where staff and participants were the stars as well as a participant art show and staff appreciation event.

If you’d like to learn more about LIFE Beaver County, please click here.