Couple of 51 Years Shares Love for Center at the Mall

Increased motivation, improved workout efficiency, and an amplified emotional bond are just some of the many rewards married couple of 51 years, Danny and Nancy Casper, have gained from exercising together at Lutheran SeniorLife’s Center at the Mall (CATM) program.

Recognized as a senior wellness center inside the Beaver Valley Mall, CATM is a place where the Caspers can come to socialize and practice a healthy lifestyle regularly.

“Once we retired, we were looking for something to do together, and that’s what brought us to the center,” Nancy said.

After sampling numerous community-based programs and clubs such as the YMCA and Planet Fitness, the couple confirmed nothing else quite compared to the value of CATM.

“We just really like the facility,” Nancy said. “Everyone is so nice, and it really feels like family here.”

“It isn’t a rapid pace here either, and it’s close to home for us,” Danny added.

A handful of satisfied visits eventually developed into a four-year immersion in the center, with Danny attending every day.

“He’s really gotten hooked,” Nancy said.

Even though both perform individual training regimes during their visits, they revealed an increase in motivation and happiness just knowing one another is around.

“Whenever I come out in the morning, and she’s not here, I just don’t feel as good,” Danny said. “I’d rather have her here with me because it makes the experience that much better.”

“Personally, I think it’s great to get out and exercise with your spouse,” Nancy added. “Some people might disagree, but I think it’s important to do things together.”

The couple’s approval with CATM goes beyond rave reviews, with the duo even inspiring other couples to join in on the fun.

“A lot of people ask us where we are going all the time, and we tell them about Center at the Mall because we want them to come too,” Nancy said. “It’s just a fun place to be.”

When the Caspers aren’t cheering themselves and others on, the two usually travel across the United States.

If getaways aren’t enough, their soon-to-be-five grandchildren certainly keep them busy.

“We definitely don’t have to work out when we go visit them,” Danny laughed.

Still, when they return from their long journeys and family time away, their first choice for a senior wellness program will always remain the same – CATM.