Celebrating Life 2018

More than 60 residents were recognized for longevity at Passavant Community’s “Celebrating Life” event on Sept. 28.

The event honored those 95 years of age or older with nine residents receiving special acknowledgement for reaching the milestone of 100 years of age or older.

“Each of you who we honor today has been given the gracious gift of a long life,” said Laura Roy, executive director of Passavant Community.

“Your lives have held incredible meaning and we are who we are because you have shared your lives with us.”

The Rev. William Jamieson, chaplain at Passavant Community, went on to deliver a blessing of the ages with a passage reading and congratulatory remarks.

“We are never too old to be beyond the service of God,” said Jamieson. “God bless you and it is my privilege to stand before you.”

The highlight of the event was a video tribute to longevity featuring the nine centenarians.

“I must be three months or more on the road to becoming 104 and you wonder why,” said Emma Nesbitt, 103-year-old resident from Passavant Community. “It’s a secret to me too.”

Roy concluded the celebration by passing out gift bags to the nine residents.

“We would like to give those of you 100 years and older butterfly sun catchers as a symbol of a long, beautiful, ever changing life,” Roy said. “This way whenever the sun shines through your window, you’ll know God is with you.”

View the entire video tribute on our YouTube Channel.

Guests honored include:

Age 100+: Eveline Mattern, Marjorie Gabella, Wilma Sloughfy, Irene Gewolb, Elizabeth Bodensky, William Proffitt, Mildred Dollhopf, Dorothy Roberts and Emma Nesbitt.

Age 95-99: Ruth Bonzo, Lindsay Kerr, Virginia Hansmann, Helen Clear, Russell “Lee” Bhame, Ruth Parker, Marie Musser, Margaret Lotz, Elizabeth Haughin, Veda Teapole, Robert Stahl, Maurice “Pete” Bish, Aline Haver, Martha “Marty” McBroom, Mary Engle, Mabel Keener, Donald Ripper, Mabel Pittavino, Christine Ashton, Della Vaughn, August “Augie” Liehr, Frances Kopicki, Beatrice “Bea” St. John, Rita Orrico, Pauline Hughes, Margaret Innocent, Andrew Szakelyhidi, H. Ray Sheetz, Elizabeth Sarver, Joan Gill, Dolores Fruth, Edna Hosek, Janet Reader, Beatrice Delozier, “Midge” Patterson, Margaret Batis, Betty Fouse, Joseph McCandless, Melanie Schmidt, Amy Core, Angela Sinatra, Angela Bianco, John Framiglio, Evelyn Bartley, Lila Burgess, John Flynn, Dorothy Fehr, Helen Savage, Ann Conti, Ruth Werner, Alvin Graf, Ruth Goodwill and Catherine Thompson.