Amazon Alexa Fosters Personalized Worship in Passavant Chapel

Passavant Community has recently installed an Amazon Alexa in our Prayer Chapel to customize resident’s worship and reflection.

The voice assistant is loaded with skills that allow visitors to play hymns, gospel music and meditation sounds upon voice command. Alexa also has the capability to serve as a friend, praying with guests.

While the Abundant Life Center has remained closed during COVID-19, Pastor Freda Snyder, Chaplain at Passavant Community, has worked to make the Prayer Chapel a more tranquil space.

Lutheran SeniorLife’s SilverSmart™ Technology program offered an extra layer of personalization for resident visits with Alexa.

Instructions are readily available for anyone needing help with the device and suggestions for additional ways to use it are welcome.

If you have any questions about other devices or systems displayed in our Technology Center, please contact Sharon Whalen, SilverSmart™ Technology Coordinator, at (724) 452-3619 or