Walking on Sunshine

Glenn R. was originally admitted to St. John Specialty Care Center from a local hospital with little hope of ever walking again.

With a medical history of lung cancer and a complete lung removal among many other complications, Glenn was medically compromised with little to no tolerance for activity.

“I was so weak that I could barely get out of bed,” said Glenn. “It was hard for me to grasp that I needed to build up every muscle in my body if I ever wanted to walk again.”

After continuous encouragement and reassurance from staff, Glenn finally understood the need to make progress.

Occupational and physical therapy played a huge role in Glenn’s recovery as he was initially unable to stand on his own upon admission to St. John Specialty Care Center.

“Missy in occupational therapy really helped me take back my independence,” Glenn said. “She taught me how to use lower extremity adaptive equipment which allowed me to get dressed on my own.”

Glenn also described the positive outcomes physical therapy had on his recovery labeling the experience as somewhat like having a personal trainer.

“Sara challenged me to do the therapy needed to take back my life,” Glenn said. “Both therapists were wonderful but also firm in pushing me to do the work.”

After about one month of daily therapy, Glenn successfully advanced from total reliance on mechanical lifts to assist with a wheeled walker.

This eventually resulted in coaching Glenn’s wife to support him at home.

Thanks to St. John Specialty Care Center’s physical and occupational therapy programs, Glenn can now effectively demonstrate improved balance, endurance, independence as well as an increased tolerance for everyday activities.

“I think people forget it’s not just the physical part of the recovery, it’s the emotional part too,” said Glenn. “When I first got here, I thought, ‘I’m never going to walk again’, but as you progress, your attitude changes to ‘Hey, not bad. I could do this after all’.”

Now discharged, Glenn is looking forward to an Alaska cruise in June.

“I would describe the care I received at St. John as excellent, excellent, excellent,” said Glenn. “Everything is done with a smile, and in my opinion, that always makes the medicine go down a little bit easier.”

If you or someone you love is interested in rehabilitation services at St. John Specialty Care Center, please contact (724) 625-1571.