VNA Employees Volunteer at Miracle League Baseball Game

Recently, a group of dedicated employees from the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) volunteered their time and energy to assist at a Miracle League of Southwestern PA game in Cranberry Township. This special event featured a game between adults with special needs who came together to enjoy America’s favorite pastime.

Thanks to the efforts of Debbie Kaylor, Danielle Hoffman, Kylie Hoffman, Erica Russek, Gayle Hindman, and Suzanne Groove, the volunteers provided essential assistance by guiding players, running base to base for those who needed help, and offering support in various ways. Most importantly, they cheered on the players, fostering an environment of encouragement and excitement.

“As a volunteer, it was an honor to be able to assist these wonderful people play a fun game and see just how enthusiastic they are,” explained Debbie Kaylor, VNA Director of Marketing and Communications.

The Miracle League game featured about 25 players on each team and was designed to maximize participation and fun. By playing two innings, every player had the chance to bat, ensuring that everyone could experience the thrill of the game. The Miracle League of Southwestern PA provides children and adults with special needs the opportunity to play baseball in an inclusive and supportive environment. The league’s adaptive fields and modified rules ensure that every player, regardless of ability, can participate fully and enjoy the game.

For the VNA volunteers, the experience was not just about giving back but also about forming connections and creating lasting memories with the players. Their involvement exemplifies the VNA’s commitment to community service and highlights the positive impact that such efforts can have on individuals’ lives.

“It was incredibly rewarding to witness the joy and smiles on the players’ faces,” Kaylor added. “You truly walk away feeling inspired by the resilience and spirit of these amazing athletes.”