Veterans Day, A Solemn Day of Thankfulness!


On Friday, November 11, Lutheran SeniorLife honored the men and women of our communities, who bravely served our country.

The Passavant Community recognized veterans with breakfast and a ceremony in their honor. Veterans at the St. John Community each received a rose and prayer sheet while gathering for breakfast. Life Lawrence treated their veterans to lunch, while Life Beaver created a “Wall of Honor.”   Veterans at Life Butler engaged in an activity designed to honor the memories of those who served.

According to the U.S. Census bureau, there are more than 16 million veterans in the United States.

“We are blessed and honored to serve them,” said Laura Roy, Executive Director of the Passavant Community. “They gave it all, so we can be free.”

Passavant Community 

Passavant Community currently has seven residents who served during World War II, including Veterans:

Passavant Community Vets
• Andrew Szakelyhidi – Army (age 100)
• Joan Gill – Royal Air Force (age 100)
• Jack Voelzke – Navy
• Donald Wunnenberg – Army
• August Liehr – Army Air Force
• James Slingluff – Navy
• Edward Sherman – Navy

St. John Community

The veterans of the Overbrook Pointe, who served in World War II and the Korean War include:

• Michael Chester – U.S. Army
• Joseph Cummings – U.S. Army
• Joseph Kovach – U.S. Army
• Harry Geist – U.S. Army Medical
• Fred Abdon – U.S. Marine Corp.
• Richard Heffler – U.S. Marine Corp.
• James Ryan – U.S. Air Force
• Bernie Topf – U.S. Air Force


LIFE Programs

Thank you to all the Veterans from the LIFE Programs of Armstrong. Beaver, Butler and Lawrence county!


John Link and Alfred Ferrari

LIFE Armstrong – John Link joined the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating high school and served as a field radio operator from 1970- 1975

LIFE Butler – Alfred Ferrari served in the Army from 1968-1971 and was stationed at Fort Knox and Fort Jackson.

LIFE Lawrence veterans include:

• Alexander A. – Army
• Sam C. – Army
• David K. – Army
LIFE Lawrence veterans• Joe K. – Army
• Ronald K. – Army
• Joe M. – Army
• Salvatore P. – Army
• James P. – Army
• Domenick R. – Army
• Robert W. – Army
• Willis A. – Air Force
• Gary D. – Air Force
• Mark H. – Air Force
• William P. – Air Force
• Gary M. – Navy
• Albert P. – Navy
• Thomas R. – Navy
• Robert T. – Navy

LIFE Beaver veterans include:

LIFE Beaver Veterans • Bruce Sargent – Navy
• William Davis – Navy
• Jack Jeffers – Navy
• Ken Dobbs – Army
• Duane Dillie – Army
• Raymond Christy – Army
• Thomas Shaffer – Army
• Charles “Chip” Rogers – Army
• Delores Bradick – Air Force
• Dave Mihalik – Air Force
• John Mcllvain – Air Force
• Don Parish – Marines
• Anthony M. – Marines