The Good LIFE – May 2024

LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly), supports older adults with the services they need to live safely and independently in their own homes. With four Centers located in Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties, LIFE provides participants with comprehensive medical care, prescription coverage, transportation, in-home services like light housekeeping, as well as therapy, adult daycare, and social activities.

May was a month of vibrant celebrations and meaningful activities across the LIFE programs. LIFE Armstrong County hosted its 6th annual prom with a “Phantom of the Opera’s Masquerade Ball” theme, featuring a royal court crowning and joyous festivities. At LIFE Beaver County, the community celebrated participant Dora Wall’s 99th birthday with a special party. LIFE Butler County saw their Men’s Group engaging in monthly wood projects and card games, fostering camaraderie and friendship, while also enjoying a spirited “Day at the Derby” event that brought the excitement of horse racing to life. Lastly, at LIFE Lawrence County, participant Dawn’s kindness shone brightly as she created goodie bags for local police officers in honor of Police Week, spreading joy and appreciation for their service.

LIFE Armstrong County

LIFE Armstrong County Hosts 6th Annual Prom with “Phantom of the Opera” Theme

LIFE Armstrong County recently hosted its 6th annual prom, themed “Phantom of the Opera’s Masquerade Ball.” This highly anticipated prom was planned by a committee of enthusiastic participants who dedicated their time and creativity to ensure a memorable event for all.

Participants voted for their royal court in the weeks leading up to the prom. The anticipation culminated with a big reveal at the prom, where last year’s queen, Ruth, passed on the honor to this year’s newly crowned royalty: Prince Jeffrey, Princess Sandy, King Mitch, and Queen Marleen.

‘Everything went exceptionally well,’ said Robin Bowser, Recreation Therapy Manager for LIFE Armstrong County. ‘The participants and staff had an incredible time. It was a joy to see everyone embracing the theme, relaxing, and just having a wonderful time.’

The annual prom continues to be a cherished tradition at LIFE Armstrong County, providing participants with an excellent opportunity to celebrate, connect, and create lasting memories.

LIFE Beaver County

This month we wished a very happy 99th Birthday to LIFE Beaver Participant Dora Wall! Her special day was celebrated with a beautifully decorated table filled with balloons, flowers, and a vibrant “Happy Birthday” banner. To top it all off, LIFE Beaver’s amazing cook, Karen, baked a beautiful cake just for Dora to enjoy!

LIFE Butler County

LIFE Butler County Men’s Group Fosters Engagement and Friendship Through Monthly Activities

At LIFE Butler County, the Men’s Group has become a very important group that promotes engagement and friendship, with members gathering monthly to participate in a variety of enriching activities. This dedicated group of men meets regularly to work on wood projects, engage in card games, and share fond memories.

Through their monthly meetings, the Men’s Group at LIFE Butler County continues to create a welcoming environment where participants can express themselves, learn new skills, and enjoy each other’s company. This initiative not only enhances their quality of life but also strengthens the friendships while creating wonderful memories.


LIFE Butler County’s Day at the Derby

With the Kentucky Derby “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” taking place, Participants of LIFE Butler County got in on the spirit of the horse racing action with their own derby. Gathering around their makeshift track, participants cheered on as their derby horses raced towards victory.

Using dice to determine each horse’s gate number, they eagerly watched as a dice roll propelled the horses forward one length, with victory requiring a total of 12 lengths. There was plenty of friendly competition and the participants embraced the thrill of the race, creating their own memorable derby experience.

LIFE Lawrence County

LIFE Lawrence County Participant’s Kindness Brightens Police Officers Day

Lutheran SeniorLife would like to highlight one LIFE Lawrence County program participant who stands out for her extraordinary efforts to make others smile. Dawn has been spreading joy and gratitude within her community, particularly towards the local police force.

This year, Dawn’s heartfelt initiative involved creating goodie bags for the officers in honor of Police Week. Each bag contained a special note from Dawn, expressing her thanks and appreciation for their service (be sure to open the picture to read it!). Her thoughtful gesture was designed to lift the spirits of those who serve and protect the community daily.

Dawn’s dedication to this cause is not a one-time event. Every year, she undertakes a new project to show her gratitude to the police officers. Her consistent efforts reflect her deep appreciation and respect for the challenging work they do.

Dawn’s dedication and kindness deserve to be recognized, and how this small gesture of gratitude can have an impact on the lives of many.