The Good LIFE – May 2023

Each day, the LIFE Centers of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties support the needs and services of participants. LIFE’s managed care model helps support older adults live independently at home with the monitored care they need to thrive in their neighborhood.

In the month of May, LIFE Beaver celebrated a participants 100th birthday, LIFE Butler honored the women of the center for Mother’s Day, LIFE Armstrong hosted a prom and LIFE Lawrence center held a Kentucky Derby party.


LIFE Armstrong County

The center at LIFE Armstrong County was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as the participants and staff prepared for an unforgettable day—the highly anticipated senior Prom. This year’s theme was none other than the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, bringing a touch of magic and excitement to the event.

Participants wore corsages and boutonnieres, adding a touch of elegance to their attire. The grand march gave every participant their moment in the spotlight. As their names were called, cheers and applause filled the room as each participant stepped forward with radiant smiles.

The prom featured delicious snacks and everyone received poker chip keychain favors—a small memento to remember this fun day.

The prom attendees had the privilege of voting for their prince, princess, king, and queen. The nominations were filled with deserving candidates, each with their own remarkable qualities and contributions. After careful consideration, the crowns were  awarded to Prince Mike, Princess Elaine, King John and Queen Ruth.

The Prom at LIFE Armstrong was a true celebration of life,  friendship and a day filled with memories.

LIFE Beaver County

LIFE Beaver County had a lot going on in May! They say it is never too late to meet your best friend. Meet Carol Kowalewski and Karen Ahmed, two amazing ladies who met each other at LIFE Beaver County and became best of friends! These two met at the Center and hit it off right away. They have a wonderful bond, attending the Centers exercise class, making each other laugh and enjoying one another’s company. “They are living LIFE to the fullest” said Lisa Hyde, LIFE Beaver County, Physical Therapy Assistant.

There was also a big birthday to celebrate. LIFE Beaver County participant Dora celebrated her 98th Birthday. LIFE Beaver employee, Hedi, made sure Dora was feeling extra special by surprising her with flowers for the big day. Dora has been a member of LIFE Beaver since 2019 where she enjoys talking with staff and other participants in the day center and partaking in activities, like the Dance Hall.

For Mother’s day, LIFE Beaver County hosted a “Mother’s Day Tea” for the ladies at the center. Participants drank tea and ate cookies while enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Each participant was given a mother’s day memento to take home.

It was the horse race of a LIFE Time as participants put on their fanciest hats and settled in for a day of excitement for their Kentucky Derby Party. LIFE Beaver participants posed for photos, played games of horseshoes and spun a mystery wheel for prizes before gathering at a makeshift track to watch the stick horses go racing.

LIFE Butler County

For Mother’s day at LIFE Butler County, all the women received a lavender rose that represents the lasting love of a mother, while sipping on tea and listening to special Mother’s day music performed by Dan Hogan.

LIFE Lawrence County

LIFE Lawrence County participant Dorothy Kennedy celebrated her 100th birthday, and she had quite the party! Dorothy was at her home when she was greeted by a 21 car parade, including the LIFE Lawrence bus, local police and some of her closest family and friends. “Oh my goodness!” a shocked Dorothy said at the site of all the cars honking as they pulled up to her house.

The LIFE Lawrence team brought banners and balloons to decorate. What really made her day special was the citation given to her from the House of Representatives of the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania recognizing her incredible birthday milestone.

At the LIFE Lawrence center, the atmosphere was electric as participants jockeyed their own horses for their Kentucky Derby party. Loud cheers provided the soundtrack as the action unfolded. While the “Run for the Roses” races were happening, participants sipped their mint julips and held lively conversations about which horses were going to win. What a day at the races!

For more information about the LIFE Programs, call (412) 356 -1673 or visit LIFE Viecare