The Good LIFE – March 2023

Each day, the LIFE Centers of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence support the needs and services of participants. LIFE’s managed care model helps support older adults live independently at home with the monitored care they need to thrive in their neighborhood.

In the month of March, LIFE Centers recognized nutritionist for National Nutrition Month, honored social workers for National Social Workers Month and hosted St. Patrick’s Day parties. LIFE Beaver County Registered Dietitian Nutritionists offered up healthy meal tips. It was a “fun day” at LIFE Butler when participants played various casino-style games, plus several unique ones. Ronald Schlachter, LIFE Lawrence County center director gave praise the Centers social workers and nutritionists. At LIFE Armstrong, participants wore their festive best for St. Patrick’s Day while also getting ready for Easter.

LIFE Beaver County

In support of National Nutrition Month, LIFE Beaver County, Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Joelle Patterson wrote an article about the importance of making informed food choices while setting realistic goals. Read Joelle’s tips on where to start with your health goals, here.

Joelle, along with fellow dietitian team members Delaney Javens, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist / Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Joelle Patterson and Paige Miller, Dietetic Technician, created a “Healthy Snacking” nutrition program. The program focuses on alleviating hunger with nutrient-dense snacks, but also making sure it is enjoyable. One of those snacks is a smoothie bowl. Participants are able to personalize their own smoothie bowls with toppings of their choice to “hone in on the idea that choosing nutrient-dense snacks can be both creative, fun, and good for our health.’ said Javens.

Read an interview with Javens as she describes why she is “one passionate dietitian trying to save lives and make them better through food one day at a time.”

There was also a St. Patrick Day party where participants could play three games; “Shamrock Shuffleboard”, “Hatchet Toss” and “Clover Toss”.  Participants were encouraged to participate in all three stations and their scores were tallied from each event.  Points corresponded to prizes they could choose at the end of the event.

LIFE Butler County

It was another fun-filled afternoon recently at LIFE Butler County. Participants played various casino-style games, plus several unique ones. There was a dice game where participants could win by rolling dice with the same number. The more dice with the same number, the bigger the prize. A big hit was dart poker, a game of chance and skill. Participants shot a nerf gun at a deck of cards on a board trying to make the best poker hand over several tries. Finally there was the game Pokeno, a card game that is a combination of poker and keno.

“What a fun day,” said Desiree Cronkhite, LIFE Butler County recreation therapist. “Dart poker was a big hit and everyone went home a big winner.”


LIFE Lawrence County

In honor of National Social Workers Month, LIFE Lawrence County center director, Ronald Schlachter, extends his gratitude and appreciation to: Debra Felder, Mundy Priscilla Myers, Tammie Maciejewski and Doris Wright

“These individuals go above and beyond to take care of the needs our participants,” says Schlachter about this group. “Your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to helping others have a profound impact on our community. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many people.”

LIFE Lawrence also honored the Center’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) JJ Flowers and Michaela Spencer. JJ and Michaela are nutrition experts who develop meal and nutrition plans for participants as well as coming up with creative ways to educate healthy nutrition practices.

“We are blessed to have such energetic women as part of the dietary department,” said center director, Ronald Schlachter. “They keep food fun and their passion for nutrition and commitment to helping others is truly inspiring. Thank you!”

For the Feast of Saint Patrick, the Center celebrated with a party. Plenty of participants wore green as they made delicious pot of gold cake pops, enjoyed shamrocks shakes from the dietary department and made four-leaf clover art work.

LIFE Armstrong County

For St. Patrick’s Day at LIFE Armstrong County, participants enjoyed festive activities throughout the day and celebrated by wearing green. “We’re so grateful for the joy and sense of community our participants bring to our program every day,” said Robin Bowser, LIFE Armstrong recreation therapy manager.

To prepare for the Easter season small home residents, Ruth and Marleen, enjoyed crafting at home. They created Easter eggs from recyclable colored straws and decorative green grass. These crafts were then hung for decoration.

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