The Good LIFE – July 2023

Each day, the LIFE Centers of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties support the needs and services of participants. LIFE’s managed care model helps support older adults live independently at home with the monitored care they need to thrive in their neighborhood.

July has been an incredible month at our LIFE Centers, filled with fun events and unforgettable moments. LIFE Armstrong participants had fun using a water balloon slingshot. LIFE Beaver Count honored the centers CNA’s for all of the dedication and hard work. At LIFE Butler, it was time to cool down with a nice ice-cream treat party. LIFE Lawrence County honored one of their employees for 25 years in her pivotal Community Care position.

LIFE Armstrong County

When it comes to tossing water balloons, your arm is fine, but the LIFE Armstrong County participants found a better way.

During a vibrant and joyful center party, participants discovered the thrill of using a water balloon sling shot for some serious water balloon action on a warm summer day

Participants and staff took turns launching water balloons up to 100 yards with the balloon sling shot. Balloons landed in the field across the road where we signs were posted with different point values. With each successful landing, participants aimed to rack up those points and show off their impressive accuracy.

LIFE Beaver County

LIFE Beaver County recently extended a sincere show of gratitude to the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) for all of the dedication and hard work.

The team all received a catered lunch from Panera Bread and enjoyed a well-deserved break as a heartfelt thank you for their commitment to providing exceptional care while making a significant impact on the lives of participants and their families every day.

The LIFE Beaver County CNA’s have continuously gone above and beyond, demonstrating compassion, skill, and empathy in their daily interactions. They play a vital role in delivering personalized care and supporting the overall well-being of participants, creating a nurturing and safe environment.

LIFE Butler County

The participants of LIFE Butler we treated to an ice cream social recently during the warm days of summer. Participants indulged in several kinds of ice cream on a hot day.

“I know everyone was happy to get this refreshing treat on what was a warm day.” said LIFE Butler County Recreation Therapy Manager, Ingrid Tallarico.

What a “cool” day for everyone.

LIFE Lawrence County

Employee Spotlight: Cindy DeBlasio, CNA, Small Homes Manager

Cindy’s began her career of care back in 1987 where she showcased her commitment and passion for providing excellent care at a hospital. In 2012, she began work at LIFE Lawrence County, continuing her remarkable service to the community.

As of 2021, Cindy’s outstanding skills and experience led her to take on the pivotal role of Community Care position. She now serves as a direct supervisor to a fantastic team of 10 staff members and is entrusted with the overall care of 11 participants residing at the Small Homes in New Castle.

LIFE Lawrence recently honored Cindy’s incredible achievements where staff and employees at the Small Homes organized a heartwarming cookout in her honor, filled with laughter, appreciation, and delicious food.

Cindy was also showered with gifts and heartfelt cards, a testament to the impact she has made on the lives of those she cares for and works with.

For more information about the LIFE Programs, call (412) 356 -1673 or visit LIFE Viecare