The Good LIFE – December 2023

Each day, the LIFE Centers of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties support the needs and services of participants. LIFE’s managed care model helps support older adults live independently at home with the monitored care they need to thrive in their neighborhood.

Do you believe in Christmas magic? One thing is certain this December, the participants of LIFE sure do. To kick off the holiday season, First Commonwealth Bank made a generous donation to all of the small homes in the four counties. LIFE Armstrong County hosted an exciting Christmas party while LIFE Beaver was serenaded Christmas carols by the wonderful kids of the PA Connecting Communities. LIFE Butler had a visit from Santa himself, who passed out presents and at LIFE Lawrence, staff and participants dressed in their Christmas best while enjoying the festive moments of the month.

Small Homes

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, First Commonwealth Bank and its dedicated team of Advisors, led by Mark GaNung, Senior Vice President and Brokerage Program Executive, extended their generosity to the LIFE Programs across Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence counties. The focus of their goodwill efforts was creating Stockings for Seniors—a heartwarming initiative that brings joy to the lives of older adults living in “small homes” across the four counties.

The team of 30 advisors at First Commonwealth Bank worked to fill 50 stockings, creating festive surprises for participants of the LIFE Programs, residing in the small homes. These homes, designed to be handicap accessible, cater to Medicaid-eligible residents who seek to maintain an active and engaged lifestyle within their communities. The homes boast modern amenities, including appliances, an open floor plan, and a spacious great room that seamlessly connects to a well-appointed kitchen and dining area.

LIFE Armstrong County

You would be forgiven if you confused LIFE Armstrong County for the North Pole this month. That is because participants were treated to a special visit from none other than Santa Claus himself. The day aimed to bring joy and laughter to the lives of those served by LIFE Armstrong County, creating a memorable day filled with holiday spirit.

The Christmas festivities extended beyond Santa’s visit, as the dedicated staff at LIFE Armstrong embraced the spirit of the season by donning elf and reindeer attire while participants played Christmas Themed bingo as well as other fun activities

LIFE Beaver County

LIFE Beaver County was very blessed this holiday season. The center welcomed some very incredible kids from the PA Connecting Communities who serenaded participants and staff with beautiful Christmas carols in the morning. After filling the center with the sweet sounds of Christmas, the kids joined in for an exciting round of Bingo in the afternoon. Amazing participant, Tom Lewarchik went the extra mile by buying light-up Christmas wands for every child.

There was also a burst of creativity as each department was tasked with transforming their assigned doors into holiday masterpieces for the centers Door Decorating Contest. From “Rudolph” to “A Christmas Story” and “A Miracle on 34th Street”, the doors showcase incredible themes that capture the spirit of the season. At the end of the day, the winning team and door belonged to Administration whose door featured the Abominable snowman, characters from Rudolph and a Christmas tree. A great job to all the participating departments—Administration, Clinic, CNAS, Enrollment, Homecare Nurses, Nutritional Services, Recreation Therapy, Social Work, Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy, and Transportation—for their outstanding creativity and hard work.

LIFE Butler County

Guess who made a grand entrance at LIFE Butler County this Christmas? Santa himself walked through our doors, bringing joy and presents aplenty for all the participants!

No chimney or late night needed—Santa made sure everyone felt the magic of the season by personally delivering gifts throughout the week. The festive spirit continued with their center Christmas party, where Ugly Sweaters took center stage.

The participants of LIFE Butler County also had their own cookie decorating party. The LIFE Butler Nutrition and Recreation Therapy teams collaborated to create a fun-filled experience for the participants. With plenty of colorful icing to spread an array of sprinkles to decorate, Participants enjoyed transforming simple sugar cookies into edible works of art.

LIFE Lawrence County

The LIFE Lawrence County staff and their families embarked on a festive journey aboard the beloved ‘Happy Bus,’ taking part in the joyous Christmas parades held in Wampum and Ellwood City. Everyone was eagerly excited to help spread joy in the community while creating some great memories.

“I love doing the Christmas Parades and driving the ‘Happy Bus’,” said ‘Karen Russell, the amazing LIFE Lawrence County bus driver for the last 10 years.

The parade was not just a celebration for the adults; it was especially memorable for the children who joined in the festivities. Janna McKeough, LIFE Lawrence Medical Records Coordinator, couldn’t contain her excitement about the day.

“My grandchildren were thrilled to be a part of the parade,” explained McKeough. “It was my three year old grandchild Rory’s first time in a parade, and she was absolutely overjoyed!”

As Christmas neared, LIFE Lawrence County took the entire week to spreading holiday cheer. The week featured a Christmas sock day, an ugly sweater day, presents, snacks, and everything in between. Participants also indulged in iced coffees with holiday creamers, whipped cream, and delicious toppers. While sipping on their iced coffees, participants took time view and vote for their favorite decorated door from the LIFE Lawrence staff. The joy continued with a flurry of presents and snacks throughout the week. Even Santa himself paid a special visit, spreading joy and smiles to everyone.