The Good LIFE – April 2023

Each day, the LIFE Centers of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence support the needs and services of participants. LIFE’s managed care model helps support older adults live independently at home with the monitored care they need to thrive in their neighborhood.

In the month of April, LIFE Beaver held a very successful food drive to help the Community. LIFE Lawrence County hosted an Easter egg hunt where participants hid eggs for the employee’s kids. LIFE Butler went back to the 80’s with a RAD party at their center. As part of Administrative Professionals week, a big “Thank You” was given to all of the Administrative Professionals of the LIFE Centers.

LIFE Beaver County

The LIFE Beaver County Nutrition Department hosted their second annual food drive, collecting over 600 items. Food donations included everything from peanut butter, cereal and high nutritional value foods such as canned tuna in water, low sodium vegetables and canned fruit in 100% fruit juice.

“A lot of our participants utilize the Families Matter Food Pantry,” said Paige Miller, LIFE Beaver Dietetic Technician.” “We wanted to make sure they had a variety of healthy options to choose from, and this drive was incredibly successful in achieving that. Thank you to everyone who donated!”

Peg Bishop, a volunteer at the Families Matter Food Pantry explained, “There has been a higher demand recently and the food donations are helpful and will be distributed quickly.”

The LIFE Beaver Nutrition Department will continue to help fight food insecurity in the community.

LIFE Butler County

The center threw a RAD party that was 80’s themed. The 80’s embodied interesting fashion choices and participants and staff embraced the decade with their clothes. Bright colors such as purple, pink and blue, and orange could be found on crazy shaped glasses and popular clothes from that time. Music from The Cure, Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi played from the speaker as participants rocked out for the day.

LIFE Lawrence County

To celebrate Easter, LIFE Lawrence County, hosted a very fun Easter Egg Hunt. Participants stuffed eggs with treats and then hid them all over the Center. To help find these eggs, LIFE Lawrence employees brought their children in. There was also an egg craft, prizes, bunny punch, and cookies.

April is April is Occupational Therapy month. Occupational Therapy is designed to help individuals in their lives, develop skills, adjust at home or work environments, and build health-promoting habits and routines.


Occupational therapy uses everyday activities as the means to enable people to thrive.

Ron Schlachter, LIFE Lawrence Center Director wants to acknowledge Michael Perry, Occupational Therapist and Gena Knights, COTA for their dedication to caring for others.
“Thank you for your hard work, expertise and creativity in keeping our participants safe and active so they can live abundantly in their home and community!”

Administrative Professionals Week 

The Administrative Professionals of our LIFE Centers play an incredibly crucial role supporting the LIFE Centers as well as the participant lives they impact every single day. We say thank you to these hard working and dedicated administrators.

LIFE Beaver County

  • Matt Miller – Has been with Lutheran SeniorLife for 3 years. He says, “I enjoy the challenge and the variety of the job and how being in administration, I am able to work with all departments in the company.”
  • April Swager – Has been with Lutheran SeniorLife for 9 years. April states “I enjoy being with participants every day and getting to know them.”



LIFE Armstrong County

  • Leah Buck

LIFE Butler County

  • Barbara Welsh


LIFE Lawrence County

  • Cathy Pautz – Has been at LIFE for 3 months. Prior to this position she was a teacher for 26 years. As a teacher, she was the first smile or hello to her students. Now at the front desk she can do the same thing. She welcomes participants as they enter the center for their day. That is her favorite part of her job. Since she has started she has been great with organizing supplies and papers.

LIFE VieCare

  • Cindy Miller