St. John Helps Joe Return Home

When Joseph K. first came to St. John Specialty Care Center, he was unable to walk and needed extensive assistance with everyday activities.

With a complex medical history of spinal surgeries and post-operative difficulties, Joe’s latest operation had left him frustrated and discouraged.

“People don’t understand that when you can’t do anything, you tend to get mean,” Joe said. “I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand. The only thing I could do was sit up and lay down.”

It was a slow road with many setbacks, but after continuous encouragement, Joe began to believe in the St. John staff and focus on his victories.

Recovery began with physical and occupational therapy nearly every day for approximately six months to restore his physical mobility.

“It took three months and two weeks before I walked,” Joe said.

Such a memorable experience that he even recalls the distance.

“Nine feet,” he said, comparing the achievement to a newborn baby learning to pick up their feet and set them down for the first time.

“I couldn’t do anything before, and now I can do everything ––that makes me feel good,” Joe said.

Thanks to St. John Specialty Care Center’s physical and occupational therapy team members, Joe can now independently get in and out of bed, stand and pivot from a sitting position, walk with little assistance, bathe and get dressed.

Now that he will be transitioning home, Joe said he is going to “keep working.”

“It’s gonna be rough because I’ve developed friendships with all these ladies here, but if I don’t keep working, I’ll be right back here again.”

Nevertheless, if Joe had to do it all again, he would choose St. John.

“I’ve been to other rehabs, and this is one of the best,” Joe said. “Everybody is so great and caring. I was well taken care of here.”

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