SilverSmartTM Wins Silver in McKnight’s Tech Awards

When Sharon Whalen, technology associate at Passavant Community, was first asked to develop a program about 10 years ago, she never imagined it would grow into a center that housed nearly 50 assistive devices.

The SilverSmartTM program has now led Whalen to win a Silver Award in the High-Tech /High-Touch category of the Senior Living track of the 2018 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards.

A typical day for Whalen involves evaluating resident’s needs as well as their comfort level with technology before recommending an appropriate assistive device.

Among the technology programs many benefits, safety tools such as door alarms have permitted residents to stay in their homes longer, hearing amplifiers have empowered seniors to participate in endless activities and specialized telephones have allowed residents to stay connected with family and friends.

“The right device has the capacity to help our residents remain safe, engaged and connected,” Whalen said.

“I’ve worked here for 10 years and still haven’t found an organization that provides a similar service.”

When it comes to selecting her most prized appliance, it is difficult for Whalen to choose her favorite.

“It is hard for me to pick just one because each device serves an individual in such a unique and beneficial way,” Whalen said.

If she had to select, she decided Amazon Alexa – a virtual assistant capable of making to-do lists, setting alarms, controlling smart devices and more – would be her first pick.

“It offers some amazing apps and skills for seniors,” Whalen said.

Future plans for the SilverSmart™ program point toward continued research and new developments in the field of senior technology.

“The goal is for SilverSmart™ to continue to grow and provide services to senior’s throughout the system and greater community,” Whalen said.

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