Physical Therapy Helps Lisa Take Back Her Life

Lisa Ramos, staff member and volunteer at Passavant Community, suffered from extreme knee pain related to the actual fusing together of the bones in her knee.

While waiting to be approved for a total knee replacement surgery, her doctor recommended weight loss and physical therapy for a faster recovery.

Lisa immediately wanted to begin treatment with the outpatient therapy program at Passavant Community due to convenience and positive feedback.

Once accepted, she began treatment with physical therapist, Molly Bargerstock, and had nothing but positive reviews.

“Molly was truly like my cheerleader,” said Lisa. “She went that extra mile to ensure that I lost the weight and knew how to do the exercises on my own.”

Lisa engaged in a range of motion, strengthening and balance exercises for roughly two months.

She was given home and pool exercises to carry out regularly.

Lisa continued physical therapy two days a week and exercised freely every day after work before receiving final approval for surgery.

In addition to walking further distances post-surgery, Lisa was also excited to gain a head start during her recovery based on the knowledge she’d gained from Passavant Community’s outpatient therapy program.

Thanks to continued exercises after healing, Lisa has now lost nearly 100 pounds.

She will most likely require another knee replacement surgery in the years to come and Passavant Community will be her first choice for physical therapy once again.

If you or someone you love interested in our outpatient rehabilitation program, please contact (724) 452-3492 or email