Jon’s Inpatient Rehab Story

Jon, 36, was first referred to St. John Specialty Care Center (STJSCC) after battling medical complications associated with COVID-19 for six months. After spending much time in-and-out of various hospitals, Jon’s strength and mobility were diminishing. Still, he was determined to return home.

Recovery Isn’t Easy, but Jon Finds a Way

STJSCC inpatient rehabilitation teams immediately came up with a personalized strategy to get Jon back on track. This included four weeks of working one-on-one so that Jon could swallow, perform functional activities and maintain the skills needed for daily life. 

Physical Therapy

“It was a tough road for Jonathon that required persuasion and education about why it was important to do certain therapies. At times, Jon did not want to participate, but he knew he had to heal. Now, Jonathon’s hard work has paid off. That fierce knight inside of him conquered the inner foe that kept whispering in his ear to give up. The knight is with him every day, through every fight, ready for the next battle. His next frontline is home. But he is now armed with a stronger body, mind and family,” – Tim Reamer, PTA

Occupational Therapy

“I had the pleasure of working with Jon from the beginning of his journey. It took a lot of motivation at first to get Jon involved, but even when he didn’t want to do therapy, Jon was always willing to get up and give it his best shot. I remember telling Jon that he would be using the walker to transfer by the end of the week. Jon beat that by two days and hasn’t looked back since. I wish him well on his return home,” – Missy Synan, COTA

Speech Therapy

“Jonathan was the perfect patient. At first, Jon did not want a fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) test because he had undergone many procedures and tests before his St. John arrival. Eventually, Jon recognized the role it would play in his recovery and agreed. It’s examples like this one that made it so easy to help him recover,” – Diane Ziggas, SLP

Exceeding Goals to Successfully Return Home

After just four weeks of completing physical, occupational and speech therapy at STJSCC, Jon can now eat without restrictions, get in-and-out of bed and stand independently. Similarly, Jon can now walk short distances without any assistance, carry out everyday self-care activities and walk a flight of stairs without feeling winded.

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