Is Micro Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy for You?

For those patients that don’t want to have to take another pill to manage their pain, there IS an option!  Microcurrent Point Stimulation or (MPS) is a type of hand held TENS unit used for pain relief.  This revolutionary, hybrid modality combines ancient eastern medicine and modern western medicine using a device called Dolphin Neurostim.  It provides highly effective, all natural relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles.

Designed to treat chronic and acute soft tissue pain and scars and adhesions by applying concentrated microcurrent impulses to trigger, motor, and acupuncture points, providing quick and effective pain relief.  In the hands of a trained therapist, MPS can aid a variety of conditions including, but not limited to, arthritic pain, headache pain, back pain, sciatica, knee pain, fibromyalgia, and inflamed joints.

Say “Good bye!” to pain and “Hello!” to a more Abundant Life® by decreasing your pain with MPS and the therapy staff at Lutheran SeniorLife.

The Lutheran SeniorLife rehabilitation team was blessed to have received a generous grant through the Ethel L. Verney Fun to help provide funding for the training and equipment.  Therapists at the skilled rehab units at both St. John’s and Passavant, in outpatient, and in VNA Home Health have been trained and are able to offer this service to their patients.  For more information, please call (724) 452-3492.