5 Indoor Exercises for Seniors to Enjoy This Winter

Disclaimer: Exercise is not without its risks. Please consult with your doctor before starting any new physical fitness routine. 

One of the most important things older adults can do to maintain their health is exercise. However, it can be tough to find motivation during the chilly months of winter. Luckily, various exercises can be done right from the comfort of your living room to keep you on the move. Below are five indoor exercises for seniors to enjoy this winter.

  1. Walking

Walking outside is an excellent form of exercise, but it’s not always possible with Jack Frost. Aside from the cold temperatures and lack of motivation to bundle up, falling can be a significant concern for older adults. One way to compromise on an outdoor adventure is indoor walking. Simply march in place for 10-15 minutes to improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles and improve balance. Pro tip: For extra fitness benefit, raise your arms above your head to increase your heart rate. 

  1. Yoga

Yoga is diverse, tranquil and customizable – making it the perfect exercise for seniors. It’s also a safe way to increase your flexibility and mindfulness indoors. Try starting small with a gentle YouTube video for beginners. If it’s still too challenging, there are many poses you can do from the seated position of a chair. Just make sure it’s a sturdy seat that you feel comfortable working in, and let the practice begin. Namaste!

  1. Chores

Many of us wouldn’t typically think of household chores as a form of exercise, but they have the potential to be great workouts if done correctly. Activities such as vacuuming, dusting and laundry can all get the blood pumping and burn calories. Intensity is key, though. So, put on some fast music and give yourself a limited timeframe to clean the bathroom. There are no cons to toned muscles and a spotless house.

  1. Wii Games

While most video games have a reputation for promoting sedentary lifestyles, Nintendo’s Wii has successfully accomplished bundling fitness and fun into one console. Games like Wii Fit Plus enable seniors to set personal workout goals while games such as Just Dance boasts entertainment for those who love moving to a rhythm and beat. Whether it’s bowling, boxing or tai chi, the added benefits of happiness and improved strength prove to us that its worth it.

  1. Strength Training

When you hear the phrase “strength training,” you might think of massive barbells that are impossible to lift. But that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, most strength training can be done using your own body weight to improve overall well-being. Start at home, with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your back against the wall. From there, brace your core and bend your knees to lower your body into a sitting-like position. Now, push through your heels to slowly stand back up. Welcome to strength training! You just did a modified squat. 

Still looking for more indoor exercises for seniors to enjoy this winter? Check out Center at the Mall’s YouTube channel for free exercise videos that can be done from home. Similarly, you can reach out to our fitness staff in Zelienople to inquire about our specialized classes. Please call (724) 452-3456 for more information.